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Temporary building hire

Hiring a temporary building gives you fast, economical, additional space without any long-term commitment or financial risk.

Whilst the economy is recovering it remains fragile and this is why many businesses are choosing and benefiting from the low risk, low cost strategy of hiring a building as opposed to buying. With a design life of fifteen years temporary buildings can be hired for short or long term requirements.

Whatever term you choose you can be assured that you will never have space standing empty, costing as opposed to generating income.

And, when the building is no longer needed it will take less than a week for us to dismantle and remove it, allowing the space to go back to its original or new use.

The benefits of hiring a temporary building

  • If your needs are short term or unknown a temporary building hire contract will give you all the flexibility you need
  • At the end of the hire contract the dismantle process is fast, simple and non-disruptive
  • Flexible hire contracts allow you to easily extend rental agreements or convert your hire contract to
    purchase the building outright
  • Temporary building hire costs can be budgeted into monthly operational costs, leaving capex expenditure alone
  • If you need to hire long term your monthly payment will be considerably lower
  • Set the rental cost against your business tax liability for each financial year
  • Gain value from un-used site space which will be returned to its original state after dismantle
  • Keep customer lead times tight and transport costs low by not having to hire space off-site

Whatever your circumstances we will have a financial solution to suit your circumstances. We will always present you with all cost options before you make a decision so you can see building hire charges for various durations and will also be able to compare them to purchase costs. Contact us to discuss whether temporary building hire could solve your space problems.

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