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Temporary buildings planning permission

Do you need planning permission for a temporary building?

Planning permission for temporary buildings is probably going to be needed if the building is to be used for more than 28 days, but there are exceptions based around aspects such as height, boundaries, extensions, gross floor space and whether or not buildings impact parking or vehicle turning. Additionally, planning permission for temporary buildings is exempt when a building is required during building works that already have planning permission.

Quick tips on temporary buildings planning permission:

  • Be aware that you should allow at least 8 weeks for an application to be approved, however applications that aren't contentious might be shorter.
  • If the temporary building is to be used as an interim solution during a refurbishment or rebuild project that has already been granted permission, you will not need to seek planning for the temporary structure.
  • Before submission of your application and during the approval process, make and retain good regular contact with your Planning Officer. The more regular communication you have the less likely delays will occur or additional information asked for late on in the process.

The finite detail on exemptions can bog you down a bit if planning is not an area of expertise. The best thing to do is to find out from an expert whether or not a particular temporary building project is exempt or not. Aganto partner with a local Town Planning specialist for this very purpose – before you embark on any fee arrangement with them, they will ascertain whether or not a temporary building project does actually need planning permission.

In our experience, in the event of an emergency or an urgent need for additional industrial storage space, retrospective planning permission applications for temporary buildings are unlikely to be refused, particularly if open communication with the local planning officer is established at an early stage.

Aganto’s planning permission - full service

If you are looking to install a temporary building then Aganto can arrange the whole planning application for you via an established partnership with our third party planning consultants, including all drawings, plans, completed application forms and all fee arrangements.

How Aganto can make it easier to get planning permission

Should you decide not to take up our full service there are still many ways we can assist you with your temporary buildings application.

The elevational drawings and floor plans required for your application are provided as a matter of course by Aganto. In addition we can supply with you a complete set of structural calculations demonstrating how your temporary building meets the required snow and wind loadings for the UK.

It is also worth remembering that we are able to supply a range of different coloured wall and roof cladding so buildings can blend in with natural environments or match corporate colours of existing buildings.

Lastly, we will assist you as much as we can with application forms, speaking to the council on your behalf or sourcing additional plans and drawings.

For more information on our temporary buildings planning service, call us today or complete our enquiry form.

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