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Aganto public sector buildings

Aganto buildings can be used for a wide range of public sector applications including temporary fire stations, training rooms, waste processing / storage and recreational activity. Temporary buildings are often deployed by the public sector when a refurbishment or rebuild is taking place and temporary accommodation is required.  

temporary public sector building building for public sector firs station building

What is an Aganto public sector building

  • Our public sector buildings are available for short / long-term hire or purchase and can be anchored down to existing level site space, such as car parks, in under a week.
  • Public sector buildings can be insulated and heated with many operational extras such as glazed doors, windows, speciality lighting and flooring.
  • Buildings meet the required safety standards for structural integrity, fire and safety codes and have an indefinite lifespan.

How will an Aganto public sector building help you?

  • Temporary accommodation from Aganto can ensure all services remain open and operational when existing premises are out of action due to refurbishment or rebuild work.
  • The fast response Aganto can provide helps keep these major projects on time and within budget.
  • Aganto public sector buildings can also be used as an alternative to a permanent building, creating major cost and time savings.

What our customers say about our public sector buildings

“I have worked with Aganto on a number of projects and have no hesitation in recommending their temporary buildings in terms of stability, durability and quality. Having Aganto on board as our temporary building partner always gives us complete confidence in this aspect of any rebuild project.”
Jason Allen - Project Manager, Strategic Projects Division, Thomas Vale Construction plc.


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