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Warehouse buildings

Need more warehouse space? Get it now, with an Aganto warehouse building available for hire or sale – avoiding the hassle of  warehouse space off site and dramatically reducing the cost compared to a more traditional building.

Temporary building in use as warehouse Tempory warehouse building Temporary warehouse with canopy

What is an Aganto temporary warehouse?

  • Aganto warehouse buildings are aluminium framed structures which can be installed on site in under a week, without needing any groundworks.
  • A building that can be used short-term or long-term instead of a permanent building, at a fraction of the time and cost.  
  • Our temporary warehouses come in a range of sizes and specifications: 3m - 6m eave, 5m - 30m width and unlimited length and a choice of wall and roof cladding for basic wet weather protection through to a heated or chilled warehouse building.
  • A structure which can be linked to existing buildings.

How can Aganto warehouse buildings help your business?

  • You can keep all overflow warehousing on-site - leasing industrial space off site can create additional transport costs and affect stock control or customer lead times. Choosing to install an Aganto temporary warehouse structure gives the same fast response but keeps all stock on site.  
  • Get the space you need in 4 days - in order to capitalise on new orders or unforeseen growth more warehousing space is often critical. A typical Aganto warehouse takes just 4 days to build and can be just as easily removed. See a case study about how an Aganto building helped a customer fulfil an urgent order.
  • Get the same result as a more traditional building with huge savings in time and cost -  no design fees, no groundworks and minimal labor, material and equipment all create a warehouse building that is fast, affordable and flexible. See a case study showing how a warehouse building created immediate cost savings for one customer.

What our customers say:

"Bringing all our storage in-house has made the whole process more manageable, and the option to choose a temporary warehouse over permanent build means the transition was made both quickly and with reduced costs. The cost savings we achieved were also almost immediate and have allowed us to invest in other areas of our business.”
Pat Atkinson - Project Manager, Constar International

“Compared to our original thoughts about a permanent warehouse extension, we have made significant cost savings by choosing an Aganto warehouse building.  The flexibility also means we can re-sell it back to Aganto should the additional space be no longer needed.  In the circumstances it has been the ideal solution, effectively meeting everyone’s need and objectives.”  
Chris Ward - Managing Director, Thomas Hardy

See more warehouse building testimonials or to find out how your business can benefit from an Aganto temporarary warehouse, contact us today.

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