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Waste processing buildings

If you need to expand your recycling or waste storage then Aganto industrial buildings are an extremely quick and simple way to get the extra space you need – with minimal cost and disruption.

Waste processing building temporary building waste processing prefab waste processing facility

What is an Aganto waste storage building?

  • Aganto’s waste storage buildings take just days to transport and install on site as no ground-works are needed on level hard standing.
  • Industrial buildings for storing waste are available in a range of sizes and up to 6m eave height so they can accommodate large equipment such as Auto Balers.
  • Temporary industrial buildings for waste applications are typically from our Canopy or Protect range and can be used short term on a hire contract or purchased outright for use instead of a permanent building. 

How will Aganto industrial buildings help you to process and store waste?

  • The fast and simple installation method and modular design achieve major cost and time savings in comparison to a more traditional building.
  • The ability to hire our waste storage buildings means that trial recycling processes can be carried out before committing long-term.
  • As with all of our industrial buildings we can make quick and simple changes as your business needs change such as extending, modifying, relocating or dismantle and return.

See a case study about how temporary industrial buildings can be used for waste processing.

What our customers say about our waste processing buildings

“Hiring the Aganto canopy building has enabled us to trial this new procedure quickly and with minimal cost and risk. It became clear early on that by using the canopy structure the waste could be kept dry and produced to the tight tolerances required so we are now working on expanding the programme and installing a much larger Aganto building.”   
Bob Thomson  -  Unit Manager, Viridor

“The entire operation for electrical item recycling has improved at our Yorkshire site since the arrival of the Aganto building as material can now flow from this unit into production rather than the stop start process we had previously. The Aganto building served us well at the Widnes site offering business continuity at a very difficult time and I’m sure will continue to be an asset at its new home in Yorkshire. The fast, reliable and dedicated response we got from the Aganto team was spot-on and exactly what we needed in both circumstances.”
Graham Whittaker - Facilities Manager, WasteCare

To find out how your business can benefit from our temporary waste and recycling buildings, contact us today.

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