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Temporary workshops

A shortage of operational workshop space can be solved in less than a week with Aganto's temporary workshop buildings, quickly resuming workflow at full strength. 

workshop building temporary workshop

What is a temporary workshop building?

  • Workshop buildings that can be delivered and installed on site in days by Aganto’s own specialised team of industry experts.
  • All temporary workshops can be hired short term or purchased for use as an alternative to a permanent workshop building.
  • Different sizes and degrees of insulation are available for temporary workshops, from our vast range of buildings, ensuring the right environment for all requirements.

How will an Aganto temporary workshop building help your business?

  • A lack of operational capacity can have serious implications on output, efficiency and customer lead times.  An Aganto building can solve these problems in less than a week.
  • We have been known to take an enquiry on a Friday and be building on site the following Monday. This is how fast we can turn around buildings if we have the hire stock, ensuring your business can operate at full strength all the time regardless of circumstances.
  • All our temporary workshops can be used in place of a permanent building – at a fraction of the time and cost!

What our customers say about our temporary workshop buildings

It was crucial we got the right space, delivered quickly and efficiency to ensure productivity could increase and the additional orders fulfilled. Not only did Aganto meet all these requirements but they installed the building in a matter of days without disrupting our current operation. The flexibility of the hire contract means we can keep the building until we are ready to start on our permanent expansion program and then off-hire it back to Aganto.”   Andrea Piper - Piper Boats


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Prefab buildings are an excellent way to create additional workshop space quickly

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