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May’s Brexit plan rejection underlines need for business flexibility

30th January 2019

The growing popularity of online shopping is the main contributor to an upsurge in demand for warehousing, with more than half of the space in the UK now used by retailers, according to research firm CRBE.

By 2020, demand for UK warehousing may even exceed supply, and although new warehouse facilities are being built, suitable locations with good transport links are at a premium. This has led to some logistics firms changing their approach and using a greater number of smaller warehouses with closer proximity to residential areas.

Over the past 18 months the UK Warehousing Association (UKWA) has echoed reports of growth in warehousing demand, urging businesses to prepare for a ‘no deal’ Brexit outcome to preserve UK supply chains.

Aganto Managing Director Andy Butters comments,

“As Brexit uncertainty continues, so does the lack of clarity for the logistics sector. We know companies have begun stockpiling due to fears over failing EU imports, and to compound matters there is a shortage of storage capacity in the UK. In an unpredictable economic climate, adaptability and agility will always be a major success factor. To this end, many companies are investing in temporary and relocatable storage. Aganto buildings provide instant space, are fully compliant for structural safety, and can be built at a fraction of the cost and time of permanent buildings. Available for short to long-term hire and with very competitive purchase options, they are a fast and cost-effective alternative.”

About Aganto

Aganto is the UK’s leading supplier of temporary and semi-permanent industrial buildings. Available for hire or purchase, the buildings have a clear span width up to 30 metres with three different eave height options. They are competitively-priced, very flexible in their application, and can be installed in just a few days, built to a wide range of technical specifications. Clients can choose from fully enclosed, insulated buildings, open canopies or a crossover of the two. A selection of ancillary items and consumables are available, including various wall/cladding types, doors, heating and lighting options. Retractable tunnels can also be supplied for stand-alone cover or to link buildings.

Regionally-based Sales and Site Managers provide industry expertise and a rapid-response. In addition to supplying robust, high-quality buildings, Aganto offers a complete turnkey service - including planning advice, structural engineering and finance payment.

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To make sure you get the right building for your requirements, budget and site, we will carry out a no obligation site survey, free of charge. This can be done at any time convenient to you.

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