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The benefits of aluminium

4th September 2012

Aluminium is a unique metal that combines lightweight properties with strengh and flexibiliy. Add to this its recycling qualities and you have something that’s worth talking about. This is the Aganto guide to aluminum and how the benefits relate to aluminum industrial buildings.

Aluminium is a unique combination of flexibility and strength with some added environmental credentials thrown in. We obviously rate it or else we wouldn’t be specialising in industrial buildings that are engineered from an aluminium frame. So, in no particularly order, we consider aluminium’s benefits to be as follows:

  1. Aluminium weighs considerably less than most other metals, making it easy and economical to transport and handle.
  2. Although lightweight, aluminium is very strong and in the extrusion process can be made to whatever strength needed by creating different thicknesses and reinforcements.
  3. Unlike steel, aluminium is extremely resistant to corrosion.
  4. Aluminium can flex under loads or impacts giving it additional strength.
  5. Different structures can be created in one complete profile section without needing any additional joints.
  6. Aluminium is a material that can be recycled indefinitely requiring minimal energy for the process and emitting minimal CO2 emissions.
  7. It looks great!

Perhaps most surprising is the strength of aluminium combined with its lightweight properties. These characteristics in relation to industrial buildings makes them quick and easy to transport and install (under a week in many cases). Dismantle is just as easy so we can offer hire contracts and the strength ticks the required boxes for structural safety meaning they can remain in place indefinitely and be used as an alternative to a permanent building.

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