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The Unsung Heroes of Aganto

7th February 2017

t is easy to put the marketing gloss on all front end aspects of a company; websites, management, PR and slick sales tools.

In a company like Aganto however, the mechanics ticking like clockwork behind the scenes is what keeps the company going, whether it is our gracious ladies in accounts, the operations team constantly battling weather-induced headaches in scheduling, to the site lads who install and dissemble the aluminium temporary buildings across the UK.

The team at Aganto is close-knit and it needs to be. For all departments to run in tandem, we achieve this through hard work, patience, communication and graft. To install a building in just days, which is our core ethos, depends on a number of variables, including weather conditions, customer requirements, crew members and the behind the scenes Aganto staff striving to deliver what we promise- and we really do provide a quality service.

Our boys are away from their families in the week, freezing on roofs, building huge structures, all with a cheeky gleam in their eye and a camaraderie that transcends the often tiring work. The lesser-spotted site team can sometimes be found coming out of a Travelodge at 4am, bleary eyed, clutching a hot coffee and getting ready to go.

We want to show the real side of our industry- sans spin, tongue-in-cheek. People who work in construction are often construed in a similar vein as the white van man, and we all know what builders’ stereotypes are. Our boys are smart, polite, savvy, and good at what they do-and don’t just take our word for it:

“The crew were great, very little disruption to us working, and very professional at all times. A credit to your company.”  Dormex

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“Just a note on the guys doing the install, they have done brilliantly to get the first building up this week and it looks superb. They’ve been nothing but positive throughout and the cleanliness within which they have worked is fantastic too, especially given we are a production site. Can’t speak highly enough of them.” Britvic

View our Britvic Case Study

To celebrate the frontline soldiers of Aganto, our video partners, Inspired Film and Video, have recently filmed our boys on-site, a ‘day in the life’ of a site team so to speak. Knowing the characters that Aganto are cherished to have, this should be brilliant.

Not robots, not a soulless corporation, shock horror Aganto is full of imperfections. But we work hard, and deliver what we promise; cost-effective extra on-site space in just days. Quality team, quality product. No PR spiel here, we do exactly what it says on the tin

Aganto. We’ve got you covered.


Ruth Oxley,
Marketing Manager,

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