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Who do you think cares more?

25th May 2018

Who do you think cares more?

Freelance installation team or in-house installation and maintenance team? If you’re considering a temporary building from a UK supplier, it’s worth asking if they employ their own installation and maintenance teams - because finding out later could be a real pain.

Aganto are one of a small number of temporary building suppliers fully based in the UK

Many of the temporary building suppliers operating in the UK actually only have a sales office here. All other support is hired in and produced brought in. Without an operating overhead, their prices can sometimes look appealing but the problem with this is when you have a little niggle - they don’t have the people to come and sort it out.

Given the people putting the building up also support it - who cares more?

Imagine you are part of an installation team who get a simple contractual price for the construction of the temporary building. The products are shipped in from Europe, and something needs changing - would you point it out? The biggest complaint Aganto hear from customers who have experienced operators like this is - the issues experienced could have been addressed in the installation but the client didn’t spot them. Then with the building signed off – it was a huge hassle to get anyone to sort their problems out.

After sales service is what our customers value - because they know it’s important

Aganto have four installation teams and a dedicated after sales support function, to make sure you are getting the very best experience from your investment. This means if there’s a small niggle, a small structural change needed or something you’re just not sure about - we’ll send one of our team out ‘on-site’ to get it sorted.

Be sure to ask what after sales support is available

Are the installation team in-house or freelance contractors? Who will be there to support you throughout the life of your temporary building? Do they simply get it constructed for a price, and have zero responsibility for it as soon as you’ve signed it off? What assurances can they provide?

Take the guesswork out – why not call us, speak with an expert and get answers fast.

Aganto – Helping you save on costs and hassle

Expanding your on-site storage space has never been more simple, cost effective and flexible. It’s often easier to pick up the phone and speak to someone, so if in doubt – Get in touch to find out more, click here


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To make sure you get the right building for your requirements, budget and site, we will carry out a no obligation site survey, free of charge. This can be done at any time convenient to you.

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