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Insulated temporary warehouse replaces permanent building for less cost

Insulated temporary warehouse replaces permanent building for less cost

Really? Replacing a permanent building with a temporary insulated warehouse?

When a permanent building falls into disrepair, it’s often easier and cheaper to replace it with a new temporary building. This was the case for a global manufacturing and service network specialist who provide a wide range of pumping solutions, related equipment, and services. With a UK-wide network of service depots and stores, several branches of the business had already enjoyed the benefits of an Aganto Temporary Warehouse and Workshops. So when the old dilapidated stores at the Portbury branch were being reviewed, in addition to quotes for repairs, a quote to remove and replace with a new insulated temporary warehouse was included.

Parts held in stock needed to be stored in pristine condition

As a global manufacturing and service network the business prides itself on combining the advantages of a global company with the flexibility of a local partner. It’s committed to ensuring all the locations fulfil its high quality and safety standards. However, with the old stores building prone to condensation, it’s brand standards were potentially at risk. In cold conditions, condensation formed on the ceiling and dripped off potentially effecting stored parts. Initially this could be viewed as simple water damage to packaging, but could soon develop into rust damage on the component contained inside, rendering it unsaleable.

Easier, faster and more cost-effective insulated temporary warehouse

With costs to repair and retro-fit the building there was the obvious need to re-house the stores whilst the work was carried out. Having a temporary building located on hard-standing close to the original stores meant the old stores stock could be decanted into the temporary warehouse at the same time the building work took place. When the costs and timescales for the repair and temporary hire were reviewed however, it was decided the best option would be to purchase a new insulated temporary warehouse. This would allow the stock to be relocated and the old building to be repurposed for something less critical or pulled down altogether.  This provided a better solution at a lower cost and within the timescales needed - with no risk of delay.

Are you running out of space and need extra storage?

Aganto can provide FREE ADVICE and a range of options from purchase of new or used temporary building to long or short-term rental. It’s the most flexible way to balance the needs of your business potential without the hold-ups or expense of extending through conventional buildings or moving to another site. It starts with a free site visit and expert appraisal of your needs together with the range of possible options.

Free Site Visits for Temporary Buildings

To make sure you get the right building for your requirements, budget and site, we will carry out a no obligation site survey, free of charge. This can be done at any time convenient to you.

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