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Quick recovery from extensive fire damage

Grantham Manufacturing Ltd are a successful specialist manufacturer in paper packaging based in Grantham, Lincolnshire. The established company’s main market areas include retail, cosmetics, toiletries and the fast food industry - supplying these sectors with packaging papers in reels, sheets or die-cut shape.

Grantham’s Managing Director, Colin Howitt, turned to Aganto in extreme circumstances- their existing warehouse had extensive fire damage.
With such precious (and flammable) goods at risk, and even more importantly an urgent need to house and protect their goods and machinery, Grantham immediately contacted Aganto to come and visit the site, assess the damage, and help solve this pressing situation.

All hands on deck for disaster recovery

Aganto are quite accustomed to helping businesses in stressful situations like this. Hands on sales manager, Janos Szabo, quickly arrived on site, along with Aganto’s technical manager to solve Grantham’s problem - and to do it fast.

For Grantham to continue their operations and printing processes with minimal disruption- particularly in the aftermath of the devastating fire, Janos advised that a 10m x 5m x 4.2m structure with insulated roof and insulated steel sandwich cladding walls, complete with a manual roller shutter door, single pedestrian door and gutters with downpipes, would immediately resolve the serious issue of storage and production space that had been obliterated by the fire.

The temporary industrial warehouse will remain on-site along with other buildings, seamlessly fitting into the company’s processes and allowing Grantham to continue manufacturing their goods.

Grantham Manufacturing’s Managing Director Colin Howitt explains:

“We are thrilled with the building-it even enhances our other one! The whole process was painless and we were amazed at how quick it went up! We invite anyone thinking about choosing an Aganto building, to come and visit us anytime.”

In this particular project, along with the benefits of Aganto buildings, such as rapid installation times and a cost-effective alternative to traditional warehousing and storage structures, there was a real and urgent need to get storage. Aganto are always happy to be considered a true part of any organisation’s contingency plans.

If you need a temporary building in an emergency situation, call us, you might be surprised at how quickly we can help turn a disaster to your advantage.

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