The Benson Group is the UK’s fastest growing packaging manufacturer, operating out of four sites and producing printed cartons for customers in both the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Requirement for covered loading bay

With quality standards becoming increasingly tighter the Group needed to find a way of ensuring all loading and unloading activity was carried out under cover at their Crewe site. To ensure the new regulations and customer demand was met, a quick solution was required, so a commercial canopy was an obvious answer.

Commercial canopies for loading bays

The Group approached Aganto and were pleased to learn that the quick installation method of anchoring a commercial canopy down to existing level hard standing would provide the fast and cost-effective response needed – but wouldn’t compromise on quality and durability. Aganto provided a 15m wide by 10m long canopy building that consisted of one walled side, a link to one of the existing storage buildings and a 10m portal beam to enable unrestricted access to and from both structures.

Dennis Farr, Warehouse and Distribution Manager at the Crewe site

Commercial canopies – solid and robust structures

“Despite the remarkably fast and non-disruptive installation method the canopy supplied by Aganto is a very solid and strong structure that meets our needs perfectly. No pallets are left uncovered now during our loading and unloading operation meaning we have very quickly been able to meet customer demand and retain the high level of quality and service our company has become known and respected for. With the canopy proving such a success at our Crewe site, we are now looking at installing Aganto canopies at our three other UK sites for the same purpose”

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