Why an industrial canopy was needed

At the UK’s manufacturing site in Northampton, the cast stone moulds used for production were stored outside and often too wet to use. To make the production process more efficient the moulds needed to be kept dry and ready for use all the time so some kind of industrial canopy was needed to keep the wet off.

Type of industrial canopy provided

Haddonstone’s Group Production Manager, Ken Wade, already knew about Aganto’s industrial canopy buildings and got in touch. Aganto supplied and installed a free standing canopy 10m wide by 15m long that sat between the warehouse and production buildings. The sides of the building were only partly clad to allow easy vehicle access between the existing buildings and from one side of the yard to the other.


Benefit of the industrial canopy


“The industrial canopy supplied by Aganto keeps the cast stone moulds dry all the time, so no hold ups are experienced while they need to be dried off or moved from another area of the site”

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