Tower Brewery


Multinational brewer Molson Coors manufactures well-known brands such as Carling, Worthington, Cobra Beer and Coors from their main production site in Burton on Trent, with several other breweries around the UK, including the Tower Brewery in Tadcaster.


The Tadcaster site was becoming short on storage space for barrels of product due to increased seasonal demand and general business growth. To support operational agility at the site and help facilitate demand fluctuations, the client was looking to invest in additional warehousing capacity. Following the procurement process, Aganto’s modular temporary building product stood out as a better solution than off-site storage or a permanent build in terms of both cost and flexibility. Not only was the initial outlay to purchase the building a fraction of the cost – typically saving up to 70% – but it could be quickly erected on an area of unused tarmac car park, with no groundworks. The buildings take a mere 2-3 weeks to supply and around 1 week to build, which can cut permanent building lead times by as much as 6-12 months. Another key benefit of the buildings in comparison to permanent structures is that they can be relocated later and hold a residual resale value.


To take full advantage of the unused car park area, the dimensions of the building were set at 18m wide x 30m in length, with an eave height of 5.2m. Following the initial site visit, Aganto Sales Manager Elliot Birks proposed single skin roofing and cladding. This suited the application, and as an entry-level specification further helped the client to reduce their costs. Aganto partner Mosaic Town Planning assisted with gaining permission for the build, and Aganto was awarded the project.

Installation work went ahead immediately to alleviate storage issues and avoid any potential production delays. As part of standard best-practice procedure, and to minimise disruption to site activities, the pre-build site audit was carried out by a qualified Site Manager to ensure all access and appropriate safety measures were considered.


The installation was completed in seven days, enabling the client to mitigate the risk of low storage capacity interrupting production. The investment will provide Molson Coors with a flexible and robust storage solution to help facilitate seasonal peaks in demand and business growth for years to come.