PACE Logistics based in Manchester UK, are specialists in Logistics, Transport, Distribution, Pallet Network Distribution, Haulage, and Warehousing.

Semi-permanent loading canopy increases efficiency

The company operates within the UK Pallet express delivery network.  PACE required an additional covered area to temporarily store goods for loading and unloading purposes during the busy times of the day.

The loading canopy protects clients’ freight

As members of the UK Pallet networks it is essential that the new area kept goods dry and safe as PACE have a duty of care to look after their own clients freight and also the freight they handle for other network members.

Investing in a loading canopy reduces risk

As quality standards continue to be tightened by overseeing bodies and customers. it is becoming more and more critical to load and unload undercover and avoid the impact of wet damage which could lead to insurance claims, higher premiums, loss of revenue, loss of customers and for PALLET members potential membership exclusion.

Why PACE chose an Aganto loading canopy

The Aganto loading canopy buildings are an extremely fast and cost effective way of preventing wet damage when loading and unloading. Aganto provided PACE Logistics with two interlinked loading canopies – 15 metres wide providing an overall width of 30 metres. The structures were 15 metres long with a 6.2 metre eave height. Micro mesh walls were fitted to the back gable ends to ensure that air could move freely through the structure and lighting was installed in each unit.

Aganto – Helping you save on storage costs

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