AgustaWestland is an Anglo-Italian helicopter company and a total capability provider of rotorcraft systems design, development, production and integration capabilities, training and operational support solutions. The Company delivers unrivalled mission capability to military and commercial operators around the world.

High specification training building

AgustaWestland won an European Defence Agency tender to provide helicopter tactics simulation training at RAF Linton on Ouse, North Yorkshire. Working within a tight budget they needed to create an enclosed environment for the training that sat within one of the existing hangers at the station. With speed and budget high on the agenda they set to work finding a temporary building supplier who could deliver an affordable solution, quickly and to the precise specification required in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation, fire resistance and height to accommodation the lighting apparatus.

Aganto’s Managing Director, Richard Abbott, met with AgustaWestland on site at RAF Linton to discuss the project in more detail. With the ability to make on-the-spot decisions on what Aganto could do, Richard ensured the project was moved along at the rapid rate needed. Aganto’s hugely experienced site management team installed a temporary building over the August Bank Holiday weekend that was 15m wide by 25m long and 5m high, with insulated wall and roof systems. The building met with the high fire resistance needed on an air base and achieved the required level of acoustic and thermal insulation for training purposes.

Speedy and cost effective temporary building

Having been unaware of temporary buildings before this project, AgustaWestland were delighted by how quick, simple and affordable this part of the overall project became. Working within the military market has often meant bespoke solutions at high ticket prices and long lead times. Although temporary buildings are literally an ‘off-the-shelf’ product’, which provides the speed and affordability, they can be adapted to suit just about any requirement – including helicopter simulation training!

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