If it’s not Brexit, it’s coronavirus. Disruption to the global supply chain is already impacting UK businesses, and with reports of the e-commerce giant Amazon stockpiling Chinese-made goods and shipping delays on parts affecting key sectors such as Manufacturing, Engineering, Electronics and Retail, demand for warehousing is as high as ever.

Some manufacturers have completely suspended production in China with buffer stocks set aside, while others are flat out with sales of hand sanitizer, face masks and emergency food packs. Pharmaceutical producers have been advised to retain their Brexit medicine stockpiles, and hospitals to invest in extra respiratory equipment as a precautionary measure.

Aside from macro factors and global crises like coronavirus, the ability to create additional capacity that flexes with the needs of your business is essential for effective production and inventory management. Fortunately, operational agility and contingency planning is something that can be prepared for.

Aganto temporary buildings are ideal for unexpected events and volatile markets in many respects.

  • They are available for hire as well as purchase. Initial capital expenditure and financial commitment can be minimised.
  • The buildings are fully relocatable, extendable and if purchased, they have a residual value if they are no longer required.
  • The buildings are impressively fast and straightforward way to make full use of previously unused land. No groundworks are required as the aluminium profiles are anchored to any flat, reasonably level hardstanding. Depending on the size, most buildings can be erected with basic plant such as scissor lifts and telehandlers, with no need for large cranes.
  • Buildings can be insulated for temperature sensitive applications, and the modular design allows construction to unlimited length in 5 metre sections and up to 30m clear span width.
  • The versatile structures are perfect for industrial use for enclosed workshops, loading bay canopies, or storage. They can be gutter linked together to increase overall width or linked to existing permanent buildings on site.
  • Aganto’s experienced in-house team of Sales Managers, Engineers and Technical/Design staff offer a swift service to high quality standards of operational safety for smooth delivery of your build project.

Managing capacity and stockpiling doesn’t have to drastically cut into your bottom line. Aganto temporary buildings mitigate risk and avoid expensive and logistically complex off-site storage solutions – contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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