Going the Extra Mile

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Aganto has grown and developed from listening to the customers, tailor making products which are the most suitable for any business requirements.
Going that extra mile is what we have become renowned for. With hands on directors, and experienced installation, technical and operation teams, Aganto is a constant presence-from initial enquiry to final installation.

No job too big or too small, Aganto also firmly believes in nurturing and maintaining customer relationships, believing that by listening and responding to service expectations and requirements will forge long standing partnerships and instigate repeat business.

Indeed, many of our customers have now become long-term national accounts, each with a dedicated member of Aganto looking after the needs of the businesses. Organisations, in particular in the logistics and distribution sector, will need Aganto temporary buildings on sites across the UK. And they get exactly what they asked for-plus much more.

The development of Aganto’s range is demonstrative of the rise in service expectation. For many requiring protection for good in, goods out, these businesses can now choose an Aganto industrial canopy. Other companies struggle with the whole concept and process of planning permission. After recognising this crucial issue, we work exclusively with a third party planning agency; not simply directing customers to a government portal or other white papers, Aganto has a positive approach to planning and helps by working hand in hand with the agency. This is a successful strategy, evidenced by the 100% approval rate of Aganto temporary buildings requiring planning permission.

On-site too, we understand the need for instant communication between offices and sites. All site managers have the latest smart devices as part of an innovative, digital network between head office, the operations base, and all members of the team out on the road.

Aganto listens to the customers, and often pre-empts any new type of service requirements by keenly monitoring the market today. By developing and adapting along with their customers, Aganto is most surely going an extra 100 miles and remain consumer-centric; the brand ethos of the whole company.

If you want to talk about how we can help provide a bespoke solution for your business, please contact us.

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