19th April 2018

Temporary Aircraft Hangar

If you have a need for additional aircraft or airfield storage space, temporary aircraft hangers from Aganto are the quickest, most flexible and cost effective solution.

An affordable temporary aircraft hangar with semi-permanent build quality

Used by the military, airports, airlines, aviation services and private users alike, a temporary aircraft hangar from Aganto provides the space you need, whatever you need it for. The flexible design options include non-glare, non-reflective material to avoid distraction to pilots. The single span width of up to 30m with an eave height of up to 6m combined with unlimited length makes them perfect for small aircraft and helicopter use.

Versatile and adaptable, the temporary hangar can be multi-functional

Whether your need is for an aircraft maintenance building, valeting and detailing or simply undercover protection, a temporary aircraft hangar can have a multitude of uses at the airfield. Tailored to the aviation environment, our temporary aircraft hangars are perfect for cargo storage and facilities, baggage handling processes, air terminal expansion – in fact anything you may need extra space for.

Temporary aircraft hangars are large, single span structures with a wide variety of aviation uses:

  • Equipment and aircraft storage
  • Cargo sorting facilities
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Baggage handling processes
  • Air terminal expansion
  • Portable transportation terminals

Temporary aircraft hangars have low upfront costs, can be moved, extended and last decades

  • Width up to 30m single span
  • Length unlimited
  • Height up to 6m eave
  • Sliding hangar doors
  • Climate control
  • Power, lighting & heating options
  • Fire suppression systems

You can buy a new or used temporary aircraft hangar, rent short-term or take a long-term lease

Whether your needs are short or long-term, a temporary hangar allows the owner to retain 100 per cent of the structure’s value. This is because it can be relocated to a different site after its initial use – important if you are constrained by short-term airport ground leases. Alternatively it can be rented or leased, so whatever your needs, finances and commercial aviation setting, a temporary aircraft hangar is probably the most viable solution.

If you’re looking for a fast, flexible and cost effective solution for your aviation building needs – then it has never been more simple, cost effective and flexible. It’s often easier to pick up the phone and speak to someone, so if in doubt – Get in touch to find out more, click here

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