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Planning Permission For Temporary Buildings

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Temporary buildings planning permission?

Understanding when planning permission is required is never clear cut! The threshold for permitted development (not requiring planning permission) is a freestanding temporary building with a gross floor space of 200m2. In many cases, a building smaller than 200m2 in an existing industrial estate, away from boundaries, parking or access would be permitted development, however we recommend checking the interpretation of these rules on any specific site. Should a building not require planning permission, it is still a requirement that the local planning authority is notified of the completion of the building as soon as reasonably practicable.

Download the Aganto Temporary Building Planning Service Pack here

Aganto’s planning permission service

If you are looking to install a temporary building then Aganto can arrange the whole planning application for you via an established partnership with our third party planning consultant, whose own expertise is grounded in work with house builders, property consultancies and landowners. They can manage the planning application process for you, collating all drawings, plans and documents as required by your Local Planning Authority.

Most general information can be found on the government planning portal, but instead of just pointing your business in the direction of a planning information overload, Aganto will direct you on your way to a successful planning approval with one simple phone call...

Reduce the headache...

Here at Aganto, we know many potential customers find the whole topic of planning permission a challenge and a headache. Buildings of a certain size and location will need planning permission but there are many cases where it may not be necessary. Aganto are the temporary building specialists, working hand-in-hand with planning professionals Mosaic Town Planning. The team are most certainly the planning experts, and have a strong track record in securing planning permission for Aganto buildings.

We will be able to guide you through the process from the initial enquiry by liaising with Mosaic along the way. Help with landlords, costs and local authorities are also part of the joint offering.

Aganto and Mosaic Town Planning work in a long term partnership to achieve speedy planning approvals and ensure your Aganto building can be installed as soon as possible - in most cases about 12 weeks and often even sooner than that.

Aganto’s advice...

Should you decide not to take up our full planning service, there are still many ways we can assist you with your temporary buildings application.

A set of CAD drawings are supplied as a matter of course by Aganto, and provide a suitable basis for you to produce the required plans. In addition we can supply you with a complete set of structural calculations, demonstrating how your temporary building meets the required snow and wind loadings for the UK. It is also worth remembering that we are able to supply a range of different coloured wall and roof cladding so buildings can blend in with natural environments or match corporate colours of existing buildings.

We will assist you as much as we can with application forms, speaking to the council on your behalf or sourcing additional plans and drawings.

Free Site Visits for Temporary Buildings

To make sure you get the right building for your requirements, budget and site, we will carry out a no obligation site survey, free of charge. This can be done at any time convenient to you.

How to arrange a temporary building site visit

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