Temporary buildings, just how long do they last..?

Paul Wilkins

Temporary building lifespan?

Temporary buildings, just how long do they last..? A very good question and one that is asked frequently as the word ‘temporary’ can have different meanings to many.

The answer is indefinitely, fully complying with British Standards for structural safety (BS6399). If these temporary buildings do have this degree of permanence, why do they come with the label of ‘temporary’?

Another good question! And, the answer is a double edged sword for the industry. The word ‘temporary’ reflects all the major benefits of using temporary buildings building hire contracts and the unique ability to install, dismantle, relocate or modify buildings in just days. ‘Temporary’, however, can also create negative perceptions, conjuring images of a marquee or crinkly tin shed! This couldn’t be further from the truth however.

Temporary buildings come with a ten year guarantee, significant cost savings and full approval of UK Building Regulations for structural safety.

Flexible and affordable yes, but now we can definitely add durable to the list!

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