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If you need to expand your recreational space due to growth or seasonal requirements, then an Aganto building can give you the extra space you need, when you need it.

What is an Aganto recreational building

  • Aganto temporary buildings are easy to adapt for sports halls or recreational space, providing a comfortable and functional facility with insulation, glazed doors, windows, speciality lighting and flooring.
  • Our recreational buildings are available for short or long-term hire and can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of a traditionally built structure.
  • A temporary building can be anchored down to existing level site space such as car parks, in literally days, without the need to lay foundations.

How will an Aganto recreational building help you?

If you’re having to turn business away due to lack of space then you need to expand and quickly!

One of the primary benefits of Aganto’s recreational buildings is the amazingly quick turnaround time enabling businesses to capitalise quickly on expansion and growth. Hiring a recreational building then gives breathing space to consider long-term options.

Temporary buildings from Aganto are often used as an interim facility during refurbishment projects or after fire damage, where a rapid response is particularly essential.



“As the market leader in demountable swimming pools across the UK, we are delighted to be working on another of our 25m modular pool projects. These pools offer an amazing opportunity for local communities to continue to swim whilst their existing pool is being rebuilt. Thanks to Aganto and their team for providing the building and helping us achieve our goal for the community.”

Steve Parry, Total Swimming

And happy companies, including:

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