Providing tailor-made links for temporary structures is something that ensures maximum integration with existing systems and facilities for our customers. And, a recent link project at Boulder Brands in North Wales proved that nothing in terms of link building is impossible!One of our recent projects involved engineering a tailor-made link between the temporary structure and customer’s factory. Sounds pretty mundane and links generally are. This type of link however was something altogether rather different and special.

Boulder Brands at Hawarden, North Wales were increasing their supply of gluten free products and needed extra space to house them in. The area where the temporary structure was going to be built was separated from the factory by the site road. Despite this, they still needed the new despatch area to be linked to the factory to ensure the goods were kept dry.

Building a link like this between the two facilities is standard practice for Aganto but building one that also allows the free flow of site vehicles and lorries was another matter.

Never one to shy away from a challenge our Site Operations Manager Phil Marriott, set to work designing a bespoke link. Most suppliers would have turned this project down unable to accommodate the design element of it. With over 20 years experience in the temporary structures industry however Phil was able to design and build the link needed which can be seen in the photos below.

Integrating facilities and operations in this manner is something that makes industrial temporary structures a much more appealing prospect to many businesses. The ability to move goods around efficiently, securely and at all times keeping them dry is imperative to a successful operation and happy customers. Stand alone structures don’t always achieve this.

Other successful link projects from Aganto have created similar advantages. Using a canopy to link up the factory and warehouse for a leading manufacturer of cast stone products reduced production hold ups and created a much more efficient operation.

Haddonstone used the canopy to store their stone moulds which had previously been stored at the other end of the site. Not only did this ensure they were kept dry all the time, but it meant they were on hand next to the factory and no longer needed to be transported across site.

More simple but equally effective solutions are linking a canopy building to an existing warehouse or a temporary warehouse to the production facility. All of which keep goods, operatives and equipment dry and handling processes efficient.

You can read more about our temporary structures or click here to learn more about building links.

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