The Mini Revolution

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The new Mini Warehouse is an economic and practical alternative to a shipping container. Read more about this new storage solution and how it is different.

Taking over a storm, re-inventing the yards of men all over the UK, no more trawling off-site…the Mini Warehouse Rental Company has arrived!

Brought to you by Aganto, the UK’s leading temporary building specialists, be rest assured the mini warehouses come with the same distinct quality, features and ease as Aganto’s structures.

Targeted to the Dave-watching, moustachioed-sporting, beardy-hipsters, Storage Hunters-lovers and those who just need their man caves, we believe our Mini Warehouses offer more than just a storage solution

An escape haven where it’s also possible to keep ‘stuff,’ use as a workshop, a place to fiddle with tools, valet a car, a mini warehouse is so much more than your run-of-the-mill, ugly generic container- an unpleasant steel box.

Our Mini Warehouses come with a 2.5m x 2.5m roller shutter door, a lockable pedestrian fire exit door, security steel walls and a translucent PVC roof as standard with the option of adding further doors and insulation. Does your average Joe of a storage container have any of these glossy features?

We understand that an aesthetically pleasing warehouse unit is not high on the list of priorities for those who own small businesses and yards. But it is this extra attention to detail, the thoughtful features, the option to create a warehouse that works for you and your needs that can change the working perception of self-storage.

We can put up these babies with ease and speed too. You want your own mini warehouse? On site? No problem. The correct, complex scientific equation we have created is: 4 blokes + 2 days = 1 Mini Warehouse!

So, if your business, or just you, need more space for general ‘stuff,’ Aganto’s Mini Warehouses can provide instant, secure, long term storage on-site. No need to travel off-site, simply order your own new Mini Warehouse today- yours for at least 12 months. If you want to keep it longer, no problem, just give us a call and rent it for longer!

So men of the UK, we understand that your lives are busy. Save yourselves the trauma of having to travel to another site to store/cover/protect your goods, let us mini-mise your hassle and get our expert installation team, UK-wide sales managers and hands-on directors make your life as easy as possible. See more information about the Mini Warehouse here.

Keep whatever you want in there!! What do you store in yours?!

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