Aganto temporary building

Until recently, the fastest way to obtain industrial floor space was by leasing off-site buildings. However, due to the lack of warehousing space available in 2022, a temporary building is the perfect solution.  A bespoke permanent building would normally take months of time, design, planning and building, but a temporary building can be erected at fast speed, low cost and be as flexible as you require.

Aluminium framed industrial buildings provide a solution that can be transported, delivered to site, and installed in under a week. With hire contracts available, these industrial buildings can be kept for as long as needed and returned in the same fast and non-disruptive way or be purchased for a longer-term solution.

The commercial benefits of such speed and flexibility, combined with the huge up-front cost savings compared to a permanent build, makes an Aganto temporary structure a serious contender for your overall business strategy. Whether you buy or hire, you can rely on Aganto’s high-quality structures and experienced team to design and install the right building for your needs.

So why aren’t more people using aluminium framed industrial buildings? Two reasons, awareness is still relatively low and secondly, some people who are new to these buildings have a question mark over quality. By speaking to our team, you will find that these remarkable structures have an indefinite lifespan and meet all the required standards for structural safety.

With supply chains not looking to improve in the short term, a lot of our customers are being left with excess stock to house for temporary time periods. By looking at a cost-effective short-term solution, Aganto can advise on how to maximise your space, without leaving you with excess capacity further down the line.

All of this not only makes a temporary building the fastest and most cost-effective way to expand operational space, but potentially the only sensible choice in the uncertain economic climate.

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