Temporary building FAQ

Everything you need to know about temporary buildings from planning permission, UK regulations and frequently asked questions.

Our buildings

What sizes are your buildings?

Our standard buildings range from 5m to 30m wide, 4.2m to 6.2m high and unlimited length. Bays come in 5m multiples, but bespoke sizes can be manufactured for areas that require them. We can also link two buildings together or link to existing buildings as needed. You can download spec sheets for our standard sizes.

What makes a building temporary or semi-permanent?

Temporary buildings get called lots of different names, industrial sheds, tents, semi-permanent buildings, prefabricated buildings and more, but essentially it means a portable building that can be easily relocated – suitable for short or long-term use.

How long do temporary buildings last?

That’s really up to you – our rentals can be as short as 3 months, and some customers have been using their building for well over 10 years. It can be used for a significant amount of time with care and attention.

Are your buildings available for purchase or hire?

Our buildings are available for purchase or hire, either long or short term. You can read more about your options and finances on our purchase or hire pages.

How will the weather affect my building?

All our buildings are built to the highest standards for long term use in the UK and are fully compliant with snow and wind loadings to BSEN1991.

What surfaces can be built on?

Aganto buildings are anchored to the existing hard ground using base plates and ground anchors. This can be asphalt, concrete or gravel, provided the ground is firm and reasonably level. Concrete bases and groundworks can be quoted if your site needs them. Find out more about all of our add-ons for temporary buildings.

Are Aganto buildings environmentally friendly?

Aganto temporary buildings will complement most environmental strategies as over 80% of the structure is recyclable. We are committed to reducing waste and minimising our operations' environmental impact. 

Our services

Do temporary buildings require planning permission?

There are a number of reasons that you might require planning permission. We have a partnership with Mosaic Town Planning, who are experts in planning permission and can guide you through the process, which you can find out more about in the planning permissions guide for temporary buildings.

Will you provide me with a free quote?

Yes, just contact one of our team, and they can arrange this for you. You can contact us on the contact form or at 01635 598 331.

Can you do a site visit?

Yes, our team of sales managers cover the UK and can visit your site and advise on the best solutions for your business needs. They will assess all aspects of the site in terms of installation and will be able to provide a precise quote after they have visited. Learn more about working with us with our approach.

Can I visit existing Aganto buildings?

Yes, we have many satisfied customers across the UK, and we can arrange for a tour of a client's existing building within a reasonable distance from you.

Can you provide ancillary products and services?

Yes, we can provide heating, lighting, and other customisable elements for your building. We can also fully project manage the build if that’s a service you require. We can provide the groundwork and civil engineering services through one of our partners. See more of our temporary building Add-ons.

After order

How long will it take from order to installation?

Installation speed depends on what is ordered and where it is to be situated. We have one of the quickest installation times in the industry, and your sales manager will be able to advise you on timings and keep you up to date every step of the way.

Will there be any surprise costs not in the quote?

No, our quotes are based on the thorough site visits we undertake on your site to ensure you have everything counted for.

Not answered your question?

Get in touch with our expert team who will be happy to discuss your temporary building questions.