Temporary workshops

Temporary workshops
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Our robust, relocatable temporary workshop buildings expand your space to perform maintenance or increase the capacity of your workshop.

We work with the automotive sector and other workshop needs across the UK, so we have the expertise and experience to solve your temporary workspace challenges.

We’ve delivered 100’s of temporary workshops throughout the UK.

Our buildings are ideal as a temporary workshop, service bay or garage, and we offer bespoke design packages for more complex sites. Our quality, durable, and cost-effective temporary workshops are available in the short and long term to suit all budgets.

Weather protection
Snow and wind loadings to BSEN1991
5m sections
Our workshops are ideal for garages and service bays too
Bespoke design packages
We offer bespoke design for more complex sites
No foundations required
Can be anchored down to level hard standing
Strong and durable aluminium frame
Robust industrial strength
Fire safety
Systems conform to British Fire & Safety codes
Easy to extend, modify or relocate
Minimal disruption to day-to-day business
PVC Roofing
Provides a high degree of natural light
Insulated cladding
Ranging from canopies to temperature-controlled environments
Grow your business with a temporary workshop

Temporary workshops are the perfect solution to add to your workspace quickly without disrupting your operations. Aganto’s robust, relocatable temporary workshops provide a versatile solution, instantly increasing capacity to help you expand your business and address various challenges effectively.

How to grow your business
Temporary workshop for manufacturing glamping pods
Purchase or hire

In a wide range of sizes to suit your needs, Aganto’s temporary workshops are available for purchase, short-term and long-term hire depending on your requirements.

Having the temporary building has enabled us to get a very quick turn round on problems and issues we’ve had with not having enough space. We have been able to quickly develop new procedures and ways of doing things. This particular building Aganto have given us is going to enable us to do a lot more of our own bodywork.

Huw Evans, Motor Range

Temporary Workshop FAQs

Have a question about our temporary warehouse buildings? Whether it's about product sizes, delivery, or planning permission we've answered some of our most commonly asked questions.

Where can I find temporary workshop buildings for hire or sale near me?

We cover the whole of the UK, so whatever your location is, our temporary workshop buildings can be installed on your site. At Aganto, we have UK temporary workshop stock available to hire or buy in a full range of sizes. This means you can have your temporary building delivered to site and installed quickly and easily wherever you are.

What sizes do temporary workshop buildings come in?

At Aganto, we can offer bespoke temporary workshops with unlimited length that fit your space perfectly. Our structures come in 5m multiples with standard sizes ranging from 5m to 30m wide and 4.2 to 6.2m high. Need to link your workshop to an existing building? No problem, we can offer linking to existing or temporary structures as needed. Download our spec sheet here for more details.

Can temporary workshops be insulated?

Our temporary workshop structures come with a wide range of insulation options, including varying levels of insulated sandwich panel cladding. This is perfect for creating temperature-controlled areas in your new workshop. Buildings can be fully insulated or partly insulated to suit your needs, and panels can be switched easily if required. Read more about insulating your building here.

Are there optional add-ons available for temporary workshop structures?

All of our temporary workshop buildings can be customised with a huge range of additional features to create a complete turnkey solution. From heating, lighting and cladding to doors, roofing and windows, you can make your new workshop suit your needs perfectly. Discover a full list of our add-on features here.

How are temporary workshop buildings installed?

Aganto temporary workshops can be installed on a wide range of surfaces including concrete, tarmac and hardcore meaning that foundation work is generally not required. Your temporary workshop building will be surface mounted to the existing hard standing using chemical resin, or toggle anchors depending on the surface type. All cladding on Aganto Temporary workshops slots easily into channels that are engineered into the framework of your building to avoid the need for multiple fixings. The installation of a temporary workshop can be completed in a matter of days by our expert installation team allowing your operations to continue without disruption.

How is the delivery of a temporary workshop building handled?

Once our team has confirmed your order, we will conduct a site visit to check accessibility. Once this is completed, our in-house project team will work with you to select a suitable delivery date and vehicle. On the day of delivery, we will arrange for all plant equipment and an installation team to be on-site to unload the materials and commence installation.

Do I need planning permission for a temporary workshop building?

Not all temporary workshop structures will immediately require planning permission. Whether your workshop needs planning permission varies depending on size, location and how long you plan to keep your structure in place. At Aganto, we've established a close partnership with the planning experts at Mosaic Town Planning. Their knowledgeable team can help you navigate all areas of the planning process, so you know that your application is in safe hands. For some quick guidance about planning permission for your temporary workshop read our latest blog here.

Are bespoke temporary workshops available?

Yes! We offer bespoke sizes for all of our temporary workshops. Our sales team can conduct a full site inspection at no additional cost in order to suggest a tailored solution bespoke to your business. You can also customise the structure with additional add-on features to enhance your new workshop and ensure it fits your needs perfectly. Talk to our sales team for pricing and further details.

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