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Meet Mike

I joined Aganto in 2017 as Operations Director, and I provide support to the company to enable smooth processes and service. I manage and implement business strategies and guidelines across the business unit. My management of the day-to-day operations ensures Aganto is running successfully and is compliant on all client sites and in our offices.

Additionally, I consult with clients to ensure their project requirements are met, and I collaborate with the team to resolve any issues or problems that may arise. I communicate with suppliers and manufacturers while dealing with supply chain resilience.

With over twenty-five years of working in operational logistics, I have experience in third-party logistics (3PL) and fourth-party logistics (4PL). My previous industry roles include Operations Manager, Deputy Project Manager, Site Manager and General Manager. These roles have given me transferable skills and knowledge that have enabled me to effectively manage Aganto operations.

At Aganto, no day is the same in operations. My role has allowed me to work collaboratively with everyone across the business. All team members work together to go the extra mile to deliver great temporary building services and exceed customer expectations.

I am a motorsport enthusiast and thoroughly enjoy watching anything with four or two wheels; I especially like the fast pace of motorsports, which is why Formula 1 is at the top. I love to be with my family and friends and enjoy spending time with them while out for a meal, especially a curry, as nothing can beat a great curry.

Mike Willis