Flexibility of temporary buildings is key to business growth for Bott

Any business is only able to work within it’s available resources, and if you’re pitching for multiple contracts and have the good fortune to win them all – when you only have the under cover resource to manage one or two – what do you do? Kevin Woodward, Managing Director of Bott, explains how temporary buildings and the responsiveness of Aganto have helped to accelerate their success and growth.

Van converter uses temporary buildings to flex workspace to meet fluctuating demands

Kevin Woodward, Managing Director of Bott, in the vehicle detailing and decal application facility – and Aganto temporary building.

The UK Bott vehicle conversion operation is based at Ashby de la Zouch in the East Midlands. They are recognised as the UK’s leading van conversions specialists, and at The Commercial Fleet Awards 2017 – Bott won the prestigious ‘Converter of the Year’ award. Operating from a 15 acre site, they convert circa 10,000 vehicles per year. Their customers’ range from Sky, BT, Virgin and other national utilities companies running large fleets to small business owners – who need an optimised mobile workspace, not simply a delivery van. When tendering for new contracts, Bott have the operational capacity within the business but need protection from the British weather to fulfill many of the added value processes. Which means when peaks in demand occur – they need more undercover space.

The Line-x spray booth facility, which was specifically designed to accommodate the highest commercial vehicles Bott convert.


Temporary buildings have been our flexible friends

“The advantage temporary buildings provide us with is enormous – it means we can pitch for contracts with the confidence of knowing we can cope if we win them. The service from Aganto is seamless, and they are fantastic at being able to present a tailored solution for whatever process we need. Whether the undercover facility is detailing and decal application, to spraying hard-wearing automotive lining and protective coating, a temporary building can be constructed to the specific shape, size and purpose of the operation.

Kevin goes on to explain,

“We’ve had 5 or 6 temporary buildings now, the key benefit is we can rent them to facilitate a contract win. We can move and adapt them with the changing business needs, and they offer all the benefits of a permanent building at a fraction of the cost and response time.

We’ve actually expanded production and purchased two of the buildings at the end of the hire period, as they have been key to managing our increased workflow. It means we can tender for bigger contracts or simply take on all the contracts we win – the turnkey nature of the way Aganto work and their expert advice on providing the right solution for our needs has filled us with confidence in the way we approach going after new business.

It’s removed the greatest barrier to the sales team – because our capacity is so flexible, and the additional temporary building resources needed can be accurately factored in to our tenders.”

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