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What are the benefits of a temporary canopy?

If you're looking for weather protection for short-term storage of goods or even cover for your staff, industrial canopies offer a great alternative to regular temporary buildings. Canopies are a type of temporary structure perfect for offering extra protection to loading and unloading operations as well as cover for both goods and employees.

At Aganto we are the industry experts in quickly and efficiently delivering semi-permanent structures. As a leading supplier of canopy structures we have delivered over 100 canopies across the UK, but what are the benefits of having an industrial canopy?

Quick and Easy installation

Did you know you can have a standard Aganto canopy delivered and installation carried out within just 7 days? Building permanent structures often demands a lengthy construction period that can end up spanning months or even years. Our temporary canopies are designed using strong durable aluminium frames so they can be quickly constructed, meaning that they’re ready to be used in a fraction of that time.

Installing temporary canopies is made significantly easier as they rarely need any foundation work prior to construction. Your new Aganto canopy system can be anchored straight down to a level hard standing. This ensures that our customers experience minimal disruption to their day-to-day business operations. The short timeline for installation makes a temporary canopy the perfect option for time-sensitive projects.


Weather protection

Canopy structures safeguard your business from potential losses due to goods becoming damaged by unpredictable weather such as heavy rain or harsh sunlight. Our structures are designed to withstand snow and wind loadings, this makes them ideal for loading and unloading operations within your business. Additionally, they are a key part of creating a comfortable work environment for your team. Offering a comfortable shaded area for your outdoor staff is a smart investment that enhances both the operational efficiency of your business and employee well-being.


Aganto industrial canopies are designed to be flexible to your needs as a business. There are a wide range of options available for customising your temporary canopy in order to tailor the structure to suit a specific purpose. This adaptability means you can seamlessly integrate a new canopy into your operational setup.

Temporary canopies offer a practical and adaptable solution for loading and unloading, especially in poor weather. With options for the number of walls and eave heights of up to 6m, tall vehicles or equipment can be accommodated without any hassle, maintaining operational efficiency regardless of external conditions. This is particularly beneficial for creating an uninterrupted workflow and preventing costly delays caused by challenging weather conditions.


Canopy frames are built with incredibly durable aluminum which with proper care and maintenance can last as long as your business needs them! All Aganto canopy designs are high quality and compliant with the British Standards of Structural Safety (BS6399). This means your structure will be durable and designed to withstand both snow and wind loadings. At Aganto, we place a great deal of importance on fire safety within our temporary structures. Each of our industrial canopies is designed and assembled to meet the British Fire & Safety codes.


In house expertise

With options for purchase and hire Aganto have canopy options in a wide range of sizes that are proven to reduce loading and unloading times for your business. Our in-house expert team are specialists in delivering temporary buildings and canopies. If you're looking for a shelter for your employees or cover for your non-sensitive stock our team is here to help with your canopy design. Our approach allows us to understand your needs and offer the ideal solution. Aganto's UK sales and technical teams offer no-obligation site visits nationwide. Get in touch for a consultation and find your ideal temporary building solution.

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