Temporary buildings

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What's the lifespan of a temporary building?

Temporary buildings are leading the modern construction industry, with customisable designs and speedy installation, they are a popular option for many industries. However, despite their popularity, we are frequently asked, how long could my building last?

The word ‘temporary’ suggests that industrial buildings are constructed to serve a short lifespan, and some clients do require a solution for short-term rental hire to bridge a gap in their operations. However, many clients purchase a temporary structure for long-term use, such as additional space for storage or workshops as well as warehousing. Some clients have had an Aganto building on their site for as long as twenty years.

Temporary building standards and regulations

Temporary structures are designed and manufactured to be compliant with the British Standards of Structural Safety (BSEN6399). Fully approved, they are constructed with robust and durable aluminium frames that meet the snow and wind loads (BSEN 1991), which enables them to withstand the unruly British weather.

Obtaining the correct planning permission for your new building is also important for safe and successful construction. It is generally required for temporary buildings that will be remaining in place for over 28 days, so it's important you consider how long you will need your temporary building in place. If you know you'll need your building in place for 28 days or more, it's important to plan ahead and get approval before you begin putting up your structure. In some cases, you can apply for retrospective permission after the temporary buildings have been constructed. However, it's always best to have things planned in advance to make sure that you comply with regulations.

Don't know if your structure needs planning permission or how to apply for it? Aganto works closely with planning experts who will help to guide you through the application process.

Maintenance and care

Understanding durability is at the forefront for our clients, Aganto provides an after-sales care and maintenance service to increase the longevity of our temporary building solutions. Proper maintenance and care for your building is the key to ensuring the space lasts as long as is needed. You should plan regular maintenance of your building, for example checking doors, roofing and ground fixings regularly can help extend the lifespan of your structure.

Additionally, it's important that you are using the building for its intended purpose. If you aren't it can add additional wear and tear to the frame that can reduce its lifespan. Should you change the use of your structure, the Aganto team are on hand to adapt your building to any new requirements.

We often support clients with the maintenance of their structures. The Aganto team will carry out an annual building inspection to ensure the structure is in optimum condition throughout the duration of your temporary building rental. We even supply a ten-year frame guarantee and for many clients, their building has lasted far beyond ten years.

Benefits of temporary buildings

There are many reasons a temporary structure might be chosen over a traditional building, including the financial and operational flexibility these buildings provide. The term ‘temporary’ refers to the unique qualities they offer. Unlike permanent buildings, temporary structures are erected on a hard-standing surface, allowing them to be modified, from extensions to dismantling and even relocations.

Additionally, our clients save up to 70% on costs and with quick installations, you can have a new facility in as little as 7 days. A traditional brick and mortar building can take several months or even years to build. This can prevent your operations from running smoothly.

Ideal for a range of sectors, temporary buildings are manufactured to last for as long as your business requires one with due care and maintenance. When your business no longer needs the additional space, you can dismantle your building and return the site to its original state with minimal disruption and costs.

If you require additional space or a new workshop and are considering a temporary solution, our in-house expert team is on hand to talk you through your options. With flexible off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions available, we can install your building whilst minimising disruption to your business.

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