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Keeping Your Warehouse Safe and Warm This Winter: Aganto's Heating Solutions

As the winter chill sets in, there are a number of challenges that arise for businesses relying on temporary warehouses for their operations. One key concern for employers is maintaining a warm working environment. Aganto has a wide range of HVAC solutions to solve your warehouse heating concerns and ensure your temporary warehouse facility stays safe and warm this winter.

The Challenges of Cold Weather in an Industrial Building

The challenges that come with extreme cold can be detrimental to productivity during daily business operations. The constant opening and closing of doors by employees during loading operations in cold weather not only introduces harsh conditions to the warehouse but also raises significant health and safety concerns. This recurring exposure to the cold and the lack of appropriate heating solutions poses a threat to both the health and wellbeing of employees and the reliability of expensive equipment.

Impact on Productivity

Prolonged exposure to the cold can become increasingly challenging reducing the productivity of your workforce during essential operations. As the festive season approaches and temperatures continue to decrease, the Aganto team is here to ensure your temporary warehouse is ready to handle the chill. We offer a range of portable heating solutions designed to heat your warehouse in order to keep your workspace warm and productive throughout the colder months.

Aganto's Portable Heating Solutions

At Aganto, we understand the importance of keeping your operations running smoothly, especially during winter. We offer a variety of portable warehouse heating solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need an Indirect Oil-Fired heater or a 3-phase Electric heater, our team are happy to arrange a free site visit to help you decide on the best heating system for your workspace. Moreover, we provide professional installation services, ensuring that your heating solution is set up efficiently and effectively.

Aganto’s comprehensive approach to heating allows us to tailor solutions for use in temporary structures of varying sizes. Our HVAC products stand out for their fully portable design, providing flexibility for any business. Equipped with a remote thermostat, users can easily control and adjust the temperature to meet their specific needs.

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Our range of jumbo indirect-fired heaters are available for hire with a 12-month product service included in the hire package, ensuring a convenient and efficient industrial heating solution that will last year-round.

Installing temporary heaters isn't the only way you can keep your warehouse at the perfect temperature this winter. If you're looking for a new temporary building we can provide you with the option to add insulated cladding in order to prevent heat loss within your temporary warehouse structure. Adding insulation to your new structure can even help with the energy efficiency of your new building. Why not take a look at our building add-ons to learn more about what we have to offer? From groundworks to heating and lighting our team can help with so much more than just your warehouse installation.

Ensure your Heating System is Reliable and Ready

Already have heating equipment in your building? Let’s make sure it’s ready for the winter. Aganto has you covered with our Service Plans designed to remove the stress of faulty industrial heating and ensure you have peace of mind that your warehouse heating system will be reliable all year round. Our team will schedule a convenient time for a site visit, ensuring that your existing warehouse heater is in top condition for the colder months. With Aganto's Service Plans, you can focus on your business while we take care of your commercial heating needs.

Despite the unique challenges winter brings to warehouse operations, there are simple ways to make sure that they remain the perfect working environment throughout the year. Aganto's portable heating solutions and Service Plans, allow you to effectively mitigate the risks presented during the winter months and are extremely effective for temperature control, keeping your employees safe from the cold.

Don't let the winter weather affect your business—take proactive steps to ensure a warm and secure working environment. Contact Aganto today to explore our portable heaters and other air conditioning or ventilation solutions.

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