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Everything you need to know about warehouse tents and rental

If you’re looking to expand your storage capacity renting a warehouse tent is a great option for getting that extra space you need, at a low cost, in just a few days.

At Aganto, we offer both long and short-term hire contracts for all our industrial tents. This gives our customers the flexibility they need to make the most of available on-site space.

Why is hiring a warehouse tent a great alternative to purchasing?
  • Low-cost strategy: With reduced monthly costs, it is easy to budget the rental of your new warehouse tent into monthly operational costs, avoiding capital expenditure.
  • Low risk: With minimal investment and contracts starting from just three months, there is very little commitment or risk associated with hiring a temporary structure for your business.
  • Flexible: You can easily extend your rental agreement or even choose a short-term contract depending on what suits your business best. Our sales managers will make sure that your agreement aligns perfectly with your needs.
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How can renting a warehouse tent benefit your business?

  • Helping you facilitate large orders: If your business is looking to win large contracts but doesn’t have the storage space to facilitate them, then renting a temporary warehouse is the ideal solution. Expand your warehouse space quickly with minimal disruption to your ongoing operations and just as easily dismantle the structure once the project is complete.
  • Additional space for seasonal demand: Seasonal fluctuations are common in many industries and can be tricky to navigate. Being able to quickly install and remove additional temporary space is essential to be able to maximise profit during busy months.
  • Need additional space to expand operations: If your business is set to grow this year, then you need a storage solution that can grow with you. With the ability to quickly and easily extend your warehouse space, a tent structure could be the best option for you.
  • Looking for extra space on a budget: You can achieve major time and cost savings by leasing our temporary warehouse tents. Long term tent rental with Aganto provides a low-cost solution with flexible payment options for businesses on a budget.

Short-term hire options

We offer short-term hire contracts starting from just 3 months for all our temporary warehouse tents when an outright purchase option isn’t right for a customer's business needs. If your temporary warehouse becomes an essential part of your business after this time, we can easily extend your rental agreement or even give you the option to buy!

Long-term hire options

If your business requires a temporary warehouse tent long-term, hiring a structure is still a viable option. Our flexible hiring options offer significantly reduced monthly payment plans designed to align with your budgetary needs. By opting for these lower monthly payments, you can integrate the cost seamlessly into your operational expenses.

Whether you're looking for a temporary solution or considering a longer-term arrangement, our team is here to help tailor a rental agreement that perfectly aligns with your needs and budget.

Contact our sales managers today to discuss the various offers and flexible payment options we have available. Don't hesitate to reach out for a quote and start maximising your storage space without breaking the bank.

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