Temporary buildings

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What can a temporary building be used for?

Temporary buildings offer a flexible and efficient solution if your business needs to expand its onsite capacity while keeping costs low. Aganto's temporary structures, offer a straightforward construction process. Additionally, they are incredibly durable in all weather conditions. Come rain or shine, our structures are designed to be capable of enduring heavy snowfall and strong winds. This provides shelter for your staff but also secures your goods within a protected environment.

The installation of a new building on your site takes just 7 days, eliminating the need for extensive groundwork or foundations. This quick setup ensures minimal disruption to your ongoing operations while providing an immediate extension to your available space.

One of the many advantages of choosing a temporary structure is its adaptability, there are many uses for temporary buildings. At Aganto our team can help you optimise your new building to suit your business needs and current operations. With flexible options available for both hiring and buying a temporary building of your own. This means the question of "what" your new structure could be used for really comes down to your own needs.

Warehouse storage


Does your business need additional warehouse space to fulfil a large contract or keep up with seasonal demand? No problem, Aganto can install a temporary warehouse on your site within a few days. This offers a great way for businesses to avoid the costly logistical problems of managing rented off-site storage facilities.

We've installed 1000's of temporary warehouses across the UK for large businesses and SME's. Our warehouses offer unlimited lengths, as well as options for different sized bays, eaves and widths so we can easily meet your specifications.

One of our recent projects saw our team install a single skin temporary warehouse with roofing and cladding for Multinational brewer Molson Coors. The new building allowed them to immediately to alleviate storage issues and avoid any potential production delays whilst keeping their costs low.

Every building we install comes fully equipped to handle snow and wind loadings to BSEN1991 so you can be sure that the goods in your warehouse are fully protected. Our temporary solutions can be in place anywhere from 6 months to 10 years so you can be sure that you'll always have enough storage space for your goods.

Does your business need a warehouse to store temperature controlled goods? Aganto provide you the option to fully insulate your temporary structure for effective temperature control.

Additional workshops


Temporary buildings are a great option for robust, relocatable temporary workshops. Many of our customers choose an Aganto building in order to add extra space for performing maintenance or increasing capacity within an existing workshop. They also work incredibly well as temporary garages or service bays.

If you are looking for a temporary service bay our modular workshops come in 5m sections which are ideal for this exact purpose. We also give you with the option to add PVC roofing which will provide your workshop or service bay with a high degree of natural light.

Does your workshop require a temperature controlled environment? We can offer insulated cladding on all of our temporary buildings making them a great option for creating the ideal space to work on any project.

We work closely with many different businesses in the automotive sector across the UK so we have the knowledge and expertise to deal with any of your temporary workspace challenges.



Temporary buildings play a key role in catering to the diverse needs of recreation and leisure facilities, they offer versatile solutions that can very quickly extend your available space. A great example of this is temporary sports and leisure halls, which present a cost-effective and dynamic solution for weatherproofing sports courts or swimming pools. Aganto structures are designed for a quick and easy instillation, enabling expansion of recreational spaces in as little as 7 days.

The structures can even be tailored to your specific requirements. Bespoke design packages are available to accommodate intricate layouts for complex recreational sites. At Aganto we have significant experience providing temporary buildings to cover swimming pools and gyms facilities, presenting a sustainable solution to fulfilling sports and leisure requirements.

The health and wellbeing of visitors who attend your facility is always a top priority in the health and leisure sector. This is why we take safety very seriously at Aganto, our temporary buildings conform to British Fire & Safety codes. So, you can rest assured your guests are in safe hands.

Retail spaces


Temporary retail buildings offer a number of potential uses for your business. Installed quickly and with minimal disruption, they can offer great multipurpose spaces.

A lot of our retail customers use our temporary structures as emergency replacement buildings, this is a great option should the worst happen to your usual place of business. One of our recent projects was for Waterways Garden Centre in Wrexham. When the main building was damaged by heavy snowfall, they required an immediate solution to be able to continue trading. We were able to provide them with an insulated 15m x 20m temporary building, fitted with lights, windows, pedestrian doors and vehicle access. Our team's hard work meant that the whole process, from the initial enquiry to the completed project, took just two weeks! The building itself was installed within just three days.

This isn't the only function for temporary buildings in the retail industry. Aganto structures have also been used as car showrooms or simply to extend an existing building as they are easy to modify extend or relocate. Instillation of a temporary structure causes minimal disturbance to your customers experience while they are shopping with you as all of our structures can be delivered and installed within just 7 days.

You can find our high quality temporary commercial buildings being used by businesses throughout the UK. Our nationwide presence ensures that businesses across various regions and sectors can readily access the benefits of our versatile and adaptable temporary structures. From bustling shops to garden centres, our temporary buildings are used as reliable semi-permanent solutions, catering to an array of commercial and retail needs.

Industrial buildings


A temporary industrial building can offer a significant number of advantages, making them the perfect solution for application in industrial manufacturing. Temporary buildings become a great addition to an industrial site in scenarios where businesses require a way to immediately expand their operations in order to accommodate new manufacturing processes or to establish additional production lines.

The durability of temporary buildings also lends nicely to use in the industrial sector. A temporary building structure from Aganto ensures robust weather protection for your site, adhering to snow and wind loadings specified by BSEN1991 standards. The modular construction, featuring 5-meter sections, enhances adaptability for diverse applications. For intricate sites, bespoke design packages are available to cater to specific requirements, while the absence of foundation needs streamlines construction by anchoring structures to level hard standing.

With an impressive track record of delivering thousands of industrial buildings across the UK and over 18 years of experience in the industrial sector, we have solidified our position as trusted industry experts. Available for purchase or hire in a variety of sizes, an industrial building from Aganto provides a comprehensive solution to the unique needs of the manufacturing industry.

How can Aganto help you?

Whatever you decide to use your modular building for, Aganto aims to ensure your project's success by supporting you through every phase of the journey. We are committed to delivering excellent results as quickly and economically as possible.

Aganto offer an impressive track record as one of the UK's foremost and reliable suppliers. Our reputation as industry leaders is grounded in our extensive experience, as seasoned professionals who can provide you with a semi permanent structure to suit your unique requirements. From conception to completion, Aganto's expert team offer guidance, expertise, and hands-on support.

Our solutions are backed by a wealth of successful projects and satisfied clients. Whether you need additional space, a new temporary workshop, or additional cover for your sports facilities, we can help. Just contact one of our team today and book a free no obligation site visit today to discuss your project with a professional.

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