Temporary Construction Buildings

Temporary Construction Buildings
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Expand your site fast with our temporary construction structures, supporting contractors throughout the UK with flexible, weatherproof temporary buildings.

Durable, flexible and available for hire or purchase, your next construction project isn't complete without an Aganto temporary building.

Temporary Construction Structures

Whether you need additional storage, a new temporary site office or protection from the elements while on your next project, Aganto's temporary construction site buildings are the perfect customisable solution. We work with a wide range of businesses within the construction industry and have a wealth of experience delivering structures for construction projects.

At Aganto, we can provide a convenient temporary building structure for 6 months or over 10 years, with the expertise to help solve your operational challenges. Our temporary structures are ideal for providing shelter for your workforce, extending an existing structure or supplying storage space for construction work. They can also be used as welfare facilities such as a construction site canteen for your staff.

Our technical and site teams have over 60 years of experience in the industry. We are the temporary building specialists you can trust. Our construction site buildings align with building regulations and planning applications to guarantee safety and durability.

Speedy and flexible
Our temporary structure design allows for a quick and easy installation and dismantle. They can also be extended, modified or relocated without hassle.
Rolls Royce, Coca Cola and Premier Foods are just some of the 1000's customers benefitting from an Aganto temporary building
Roof height
We can provide up to 6m eave height in all of our structures
Hire or Purchase
Hire a building for long or short-term use or purchase outright - whatever suits you!
Our buildings are robust, having snow and wind loadings to BSEN1991
Quick installation as no ground-works are needed on level hard standing
Construction Site Building FAQs

Have a question about our temporary construction buildings? Whether it's about cost, installation, or size we've answered some of our most commonly asked questions.

What are temporary structures on a construction site?

Simply put, a temporary structure on a construction site is a prefabricated modular structure designed to be installed quickly and easily. They can often be used as an alternative to permanent structures without the need for groundworks or permanent foundations. This makes them ideal for short-term construction work.

What is the purpose of temporary structures in construction?

Temporary structures have a wide range of applications in the construction industry. Many of our clients make use of temporary structures to provide additional shelter, protecting tools and workers from the elements. They can also be used as temporary site offices, storage facilities and construction site canteens.

What does a temporary construction structure cost?

Installation of a temporary construction structure can cost 75% less than an equivalent permanent structure. This means you get the same space for approximately 25% of the cost of a traditional building.

Can I build a temporary structure on my site?

Aganto temporary workshops can be installed on a wide range of surfaces including concrete, tarmac and hardcore meaning that foundation work is generally not required. This means that your new construction building can be installed pretty much anywhere!

In regards to planning, size, location and duration of use will all play a factor in whether your new structure will require planning permission. We've established a close partnership with the experts at Mosaic Town Planning to make the process as simple as possible for our clients. For some quick guidance about planning permission for your temporary workshop read our latest blog here.

What sizes do temporary construction buildings come in?

At Aganto, we can offer bespoke temporary construction buildings with unlimited length that fit your space perfectly. Our structures come in 5m multiples with standard sizes ranging from 5m to 30m wide and 4.2 to 6.2m high. Need to link your structure to an existing building? No problem, we can offer linking to existing or temporary structures as needed. Download our spec sheet here for more details.

How are temporary construction site buildings installed?

Your temporary construction site building will be surface mounted to the existing hard standing using chemical resin, or toggle anchors depending on the surface type. All cladding on Aganto buildings slots easily into channels that are engineered into the framework of your building to avoid the need for multiple fixings. The installation of a temporary workshop can be completed in a matter of days by our expert installation team allowing your operations to continue without disruption.

Are bespoke temporary building site canteens available?

Yes! We offer bespoke sizes for all of our structures. Our sales team can conduct a full site inspection at no additional cost in order to suggest a tailored solution bespoke to your business. You can also customise the structure with additional add-on features to enhance your new workshop and ensure it fits your needs perfectly. Talk to our sales team for pricing and further details.

"Highly recommend! From point of contact to a fully built structure. Seamless and no hassle."

Chris Davies - Glamping Fires Commercial Manager

Aganto can help

Leave us your details and one of our team will get back to you quickly to assist you.

Why choose an Aganto temporary building?
Quick turnaround
A standard Aganto building can be delivered and installed in as little as 7 days
National Coverage
Our sales and technical teams offer no-obligation site visits across the UK and Ireland.
In house In house expertise
Our in-house team are specialists in delivering temporary buildings.
Relocate, expand, modify
Flexible off-the-shelf and bespoke buildings installed with minimal disruption.