10 reasons to choose a temporary building

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There are many good reasons to choose a temporary building to expand operational space. See how it could make a difference to your business.

If you need more operational space you can build a permanent structure, rent off site or you can use a temporary building. We have spoken to many people over the years and found that there are many reasons why companies come to us for information about our temporary buildings. Every business is different, some use one for warehousing and for others it may be for use as a workshop or even a temporary fire station. Over the years we have found there are 10 most popular reasons why a business will use a temporary building:

  1. Convenience: Using a temporary building on site as opposed to leasing space off site, is beneficial both from a cost and logistical point of view. Keeping warehousing on site means additional travel costs are avoided and lead times are maintained.
  2. Protection: Easy and convenient way to protect loading and unloading operations against wet damage. Installing a canopy building next to a warehouse or loading bay keeps goods dry and avoids wastage
  3. Cost: Compared to a permanent building, a temporary building offers a significant cost saving whether you buy lease or hire
  4. Speed: A temporary building can be installed in just 4 days and requires no special groundworks, only hard standing for it to be erected on.
  5. Multiple use: Temporary buildings can be used for a variety of applications and, because they are so easy to erect and dismantle they can also be moved to other locations as the operational need dictates.
  6. No commitment: A temporary building is ideal for short term use like seasonal promotions or for trialling new processes. Once the extra seasonal space is no longer required or the new process needs rethinking, the building can easily be dismantled and the ground returned to its former state
  7. Link to existing structure: Temporary structures can be physically attached to an existing building to create an extension for more operational space.
  8. Risk free: Capital expenditure on new buildings presents a significant financial commitment. A temporary building can be hired instead of purchased outright removing the need for ongoing capital expenditure.
  9. Make best use of space: Putting a temporary building on vacant land provides the possibility of generating extra revenue
  10. Customer satisfaction: A temporary building enables a company to be flexible and to meet and exceed customer requirements. Business continuity is essential and a temporary structure can help deal with a surge in demand or an unfortunate event like a fire or other catastrophe

A temporary building has many uses, as a warehouse, a workshop, as storage or as a retail outlet among a myriad of applications. The advantages presented by these structures are significant both from a cost and time point of view. Creating operational space without the implications of long term capital expenditure and ongoing administration costs is an option most businesses would see as beneficial.
If you want some help to weigh up the options, call our helpful sales team who can guide you through the process.

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