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A temporary building is much more than a basic structure for storage with just four walls and a roof and not much else. These buildings are in fact a sophisticated addition to a business’s infrastructure and one thing to think about is how the building is accessed. The selection of the right type of pedestrian or vehicle access doors will enable the building to work efficiently.

Pedestrian doors for temporary buildings

Unless the building is being used as an open ended canopy type, then pedestrian doors will be required for access or as a fire exit. For industrial or commercial applications, a basic steel pedestrian door which is fitted to provide protection against the weather and is insulated to keep the internal temperature at the optimum.

There are other uses of this type of building other than for the more utilitarian storage or warehousing associated with them. When temporary buildings are used as retail facilities for example then a glazed option as single or double doors would be both more attractive and safer given the higher movement of personnel and visitors coming in and out.

Vehicle access doors

It is likely that access for transport such as trucks, vans and forklifts will be needed and there is a vehicle access door for every application, from a high end electric roller shutter doors to a basic PVC curtain. Electric roller shutter doors offer the ability to move vehicles in and out of the building quickly. Speed doors have a shorter response time to get the vehicle out of the building and are normally used for particular applications like a temporary fire station. In this case the speed door may have an integral traffic light system to give warning the door will open and a fire engine will be exiting the building. Using a temporary building for something as specialised as a fire station requires a level of customisation to reflect the conditions applied in a permanent building. This type of application is needed when a fire station is undergoing a rebuild, or similar, and operational capacity needs to be maintained. In this case the speed of the door opening could literally be a matter of life or death.

For vehicle access with a less critical door opening timescale, normal electric or manual roller shutter doors are the option. A manual door is opened by operating a chain a low level which can then be locked off to keep the door open. The electric version uses a motor operated by push buttons with a manual override for safety. The qualities that all these doors possess is that they are made of steel and are very robust. They must meet all the appropriate fire resistance and thermal insulation regulations

For a basic level of vehicle access protection there are PVC curtains which keep out the elements and are very cost effective. Personnel and vehicles can gain easy access and, as one might expect, the cost of maintenance for this simple solution is low, particularly when compared with a roller shutter door.

There are many ways that a temporary building can be configured to suit the business needs of an enterprise. As well as the type of doors in a building, other considerations include the type of flooring, if insulation is required or any other form of customisation. Knowing what you want from your temporary building, means you can make sure that when it is erected with all the necessary functionality, it will be a successful addition to your operation.

For advice or to discuss options on temporary buildings and how they can be configured to suit your business, contact Aganto.

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