There is no doubt the fallout from changes in consumer habits and government restrictions this year has crippled many UK businesses; the self-employed, micro businesses and sectors such as hospitality among the hardest hit.

With staff furloughed and skeleton teams operational, it is understandable many services in times of the ‘new normal’ are somewhat reduced. That said, there may be the temptation by some businesses to hide behind the widespread disruption caused by the current health crisis, using it to justify a below-par service. Even for industries that have fared better, 2020 has been a true test of business agility, revealing the best service providers that think outside of the box and pull together as a team to maintain standards.

When the outbreak first struck earlier this year, Aganto’s management team wasted no time in assessing impact and following health & safety protocol. As part of a duty of care to clients and staff, Group SHEQ Manager Steve Collins and Aganto Operations Director Mike Willis approved new COVID risk assessments and swiftly implemented new procedures and processes to ensure operations could continue safely and uninterrupted.

“Customer safety and that of our own employees is of paramount importance. Providing a high-quality service has always been at the heart of what we do, so incorporating best practice methods and compliance is prioritised. We regularly update our operational procedures, so when this needed to happen for Covid-19 risk mitigation we were prepared for a rapid response.”

Mike Willis, Aganto Operations Director.

Phone lines were diverted to key personnel, and the core site engineering team were briefed on how to carry out installation work in accordance with the new COVID procedures. The Aganto team successfully alleviated storage space and social distancing issues faced by several customers during the period from April – July and have effectively continued doing so. Aganto’s conduct and professional approach to service delivery even extends to the care taken by the site engineers when staying away from home in a operational bubble, as demonstrated by glowing feedback received from an airbnb landlord this month,

“Your guys staying at the Hideaway in Hull this week have been a massive credit to your organisation. In nearly 3 years doing airbnb/ short term accommodation we have never had a unit left so impeccably as your guys have. And another big shout out to the team for turning off the heating system every day as they left for work, it’s a huge house and the heating costs a fortune. It made a big difference to our bottom line on this stay. Team Aganto! Rock!”

Mike Maston, Hideaway Hull.

Whatever future business hardships and challenges lie ahead, one thing is for certain: Aganto remains resolute and fully committed to providing a fast, flexible and high-quality temporary building service.


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