All roads lead to Rome

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Positioned perfectly on the compass rose of all North, South, East, West major road routes, including the A34 and M4, Aganto’s new head office h…

The growth of the UK’s leading temporary building supplier has meant additional staff have been recruited both in-house and on-site due to the amount of orders being taken on a weekly basis. Aganto already has two bureaus- a head office in Berkshire and a northern distribution hub based in Cheshire. The geographical locations are reflective and indicative of the resources and capacity Aganto has to turnaround the build of the projects with such rapid response.

With the Cheshire office also recently being revamped in the past year, by moving head office to a bigger and even more accessible location, the expansion activity demonstrates perfectly the growth of the company. A team of field sales managers all across the UK also adds to the growing Aganto network of buildings, staff and customers over the country so far.

With 400 buildings installed from as far apart as Scotland to Southampton, Aganto, as always, has it covered.

The company’s growth is mirroring that of the customers themselves, despite there being some Brexit-hesitance in the air. Here at Aganto, the mentality is indeed of to continue to grow the order book, nurture the customers and look after the staff.

The head office move to be accommodating to customers and also to use as the starting point to any direction in the UK means the Aganto team can be on-site within just days, and exactly like the temporary buildings themselves.

The company prides itself on being progressive whilst still maintaining that honest, open, entrepreneurial charm that has easily helped the company be so successful. The hands-on directors themselves will roll their sleeves up and graft just as hard. That is why it is so crucial Aganto has a key strategic head office- so wherever in the country they are needed, they are only a car ride away. Anytime, anywhere, Aganto (still) has it covered.

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