Is this something that could be related to prefabricated buildings? Or, in the words of William Blake, is this something more suitable to our currently ‘very green’ and pleasant land?

Surprisingly prefabricated buildings can score highly in terms of green credentials. Many of these attributes come from the frame itself which is a robust industrial grade aluminium. Aluminium is a lightweight metal that is 100% recyclable, can be recycled any number of times and does not lose any of its qualities during the process.

The recycling method doesn’t need much energy and also produces minimal emissions. Aluminium’s excellent resistance to corrosion makes it extremely durable particularly when used for buildings that are exposed to the elements. In addition, some of the walling systems used for prefabricated buildings are engineered using recycled PVC windows and can be fully recycled.

The ability to hire many prefabricated buildings is recycling in a very basic form. The same building could serve as a warehouse, a workshop, a fire station or a school gym over any given period of time and to a wide range of different customers.

In addition the fast build processes and achievable cost savings make prefabricated buildings an ideal choice for in-house recycling facility. In-house recycling programmes can assist businesses on their hard journey to zero land-fill status as well as save on third party costs and generate income from selling the waste on. Not investing heavily in time and money to get the project up and running is a definite plus.

All in all prefabricated buildings are a pleasant surprise when it comes to environmental aspects and could certainly be described as a very green and pleasant thing.

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