The UK transport system and some of us may not be able to cope with the rain, snow and now gales, but it’s a serious question of safety that all buildings can. So what about aluminium framed temporary buildings, can they? The two words there that can lead to misconceptions of quality are aluminium and temporary. The truth though is very different with the key strength and durabilty coming from the very same.

The fierce wind today that is threatening to destroy my fence was preceded only too recently by the heavy and persistent snow that lasted a good two weeks for many of us, which in turn was preceded by the second wettest year on record!

Being in the grips of a real winter again this year is disruptive to many of us, but actually a good thing for our business. Why? Well it enables our aluminium framed temporary buildings to prove their stability, durability and strength in the worst winter weather that can be thrown at them.

Although its the lightweight qualities of the temporary building aluminium frame that provide extremely fast build times of under a week, its these qualities that can also lead to misconceptions of quality. Not so. The flexibility of aluminium creates strength by allowing it to flex under loads or shock impacts and the non-corrosive properties means it won’t rust like steel. Aluminium also becomes stronger as temperatures fall, it is non-combustible and 100% recyclable. It also doesn’t require mechanical fixings for joining as different shapes can be extruded into one-piece sections, creating even more strength.

Travelling down the buying decision process our customers are always reassured when they see the structural calculations of our temporary buildings that prove adherence to the required British Standards for structural safety, BS6399 for snow and wind loadings. Seeing is always believing though and the remarkably swift and non-disruptive installation process combined with the durability and high quality is something that always surprises.

For promotional purposes temporary is probably an incorrect label for these structures as, again, it can create a perception of inferior quality. You can however, legitimately use an aluminium temporary building as an alternative to a more permanent building but with the ability to hire short term as well, as they come with a fast and easy dismantle process that leaves little evidence of their existence in the first place.

Traditionally when thinking industrial metal buildings, people think steel, but maybe now its time for more people to see how aluminium can stand up to the elements and it looks like the UK is going to remain the perfect testing ground – winter and summer!

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