14th August 2018

Are you selecting the right temporary buildings supplier?

If you’ve never had a temporary building, or you’ve had one but the experience didn’t match the sales pitch – here’s how Aganto ensure you get the right solution.

How do you avoid doing a KFC and choosing a supplier whose failure significantly impacts on your business and brand?

With KFC hitting the headlines through a change in supplier, ‘due diligence’ has once again become the focus of businesses making significant purchases. Logistical problems caused by a change in suppliers caused KFC a potentially disastrous chicken shortage.

600 stores across the UK were temporarily closed

Without chicken deliveries the restaurant chain was forced to close more than 600 stores across the UK. Fortunately for KFC, they had access to smart PR people who created the apology and published a number of full-page newspaper ads that showed a chicken bucket with its KFC label changed to “FCK.” KFC probably won more customers and increased brand awareness through the incident – would you be as lucky if you selected the wrong supplier for your temporary building?

Here’s how Aganto guarantee they deliver on their promises to you

Aganto are UK based, have their own solutions engineers, in-house installation teams and maintenance crews. For every enquiry, there is a team of Aganto people supporting you throughout the process.

It starts with a Solutions Engineer visit

With UK coverage, it doesn’t matter where you are, after a brief telephone consultation you will be allocated a solutions engineer who will visit you and assess your needs in person.

This visit is to cover the basics so you get the best possible options:

  • Site survey of possible locations
  • Health & Safety Requirements (establish what’s relevant)
  • Planning Requirements (establish what’s applicable)


Sector Specific Knowledge

Understanding your operational needs and challenges is essential, because there will be options we can provide to ensure your new building keeps you compliant and optimises your efficiency.

Turnkey Options

After finding out about the challenges driving the need for the additional building or space, your solutions engineer will provide three proposals; a budget version of what you need; a full turnkey solution; and something in the middle.

What’s a fully managed solution?

Aganto provide a fully managed solution which incorporates any specific requirements you need; from power, lights and internal structures; to painted floors, racking and much, much more. This is because if there are any delays caused by shortages, weather or influences beyond control – it’s our problem, not yours.

Think about booking a holiday where you manage each component – plane journey, transfer and accommodation – all individually purchased so you make an overall saving. Then, you get a puncture on route to the airport and miss the plane – the savings go out of the window and the loss is significant.

Specifications & Proposals

Presenting three options provides you with informed choices and helps to quickly establish what’s important to you, your needs and timescales.

Bronze Option – The most basic building or additional space to meet your needs
Silver Option – Something between bronze and silver
Gold Option – The ‘one stop shop’ solution where we project manage everything

Finance Options

Given the flexibility a temporary building affords when it comes to duration – your solutions engineer will look to provide you with the most cost effective options for commissioning your building. This could be a short-term rental, a longer term lease or outright purchase.

Order Confirmation and Installation Plan

With an in-house installation team, we can fully manage the quality and timings of your new buildings delivery and construction. The installation team will provide you with a full schedule of works, risk assessment and any specific access needs up front.


The installation team a committed to minimising the disruption of the installation process on your business operational needs. When on-site, they will efficiently and safely construct the building and liaise with your appointed point of contact to ensure communications of progress are maintained throughout the installation.

Inspection and Handover

Once complete, the installation team leader will walk you through the building to ensure you are fully satisfied before they leave. The inspection and handover will also incorporate any project-managed elements.

  • Spec Check and Sign-off
    Check against the selected specification to ensure all is delivered and working
  • Condition Check and Sign-off
    Check all components of the building to ensure there is no damage


Six Weeks Check

This is a courtesy call to ensure no issues have been encountered, and you are 100% happy with your building. If not, it’s the internal support teams responsibility to make sure all issues are resolved as quickly as possible.

Maintenance and Support

Accidents can happen and in the event of an accident or damage, you will be provided with details of the process for repairs, revisions, etc. Because we have our own maintenance crews, you can be assured of a responsive service no matter what the issue is.

Complimentary Annual Maintenance Check

This is free to make sure that your building and investment continues to perform and meets your needs. With an Aganto temporary building you have a solution which could possibly see you through a decade or two. So making sure any maintenance issues are identified and addressed will ensure your investment pays the greatest return.

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