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Struggling with planning permission to extend your warehouses or industrial building?

1st February 2018

Struggling with planning permission to extend your warehouses or industrial building?


The erection, extension or alteration of an industrial building or warehouse is often denied under permitted development because it falls foul of the curtilage boundary restrictions.


If you’re frustrated, need the space but don’t want to move…

Planning permission difficulties for industrial building and warehouses often occur when the proposed extension needs to fall within the curtilage boundary. Depending upon the height needed, the distance from the perimeter of the plot, you could face a barrier to extending your building within the space available. Which is highly frustrating if the land has no practical use and you desperately need the extra space.


Temporary buildings provide a cost-effective way to overcome this barrier

As temporary buildings are just that, temporary, they typically provide a way around these frustrating planning roadblocks. What’s more, even though classified as temporary - they are semi-permanent. Many organisations have had temporary buildings in use for over 10 years, including leading consumer brands and the MOD. With specifications often as good as the conventional construction in every way - there’s little compromise but many benefits.


At typically 25% of the cost of a conventional constructed building and installation in 5 weeks

If you haven’t considered a temporary building before, and struggling with space and have few options but to consider moving premises - you might like to have a chat with one of our specialists. They will explain all the options, from purchasing a new building or used temporary building, to renting short term or the benefits of a long term lease.

With a 5 week installation turnaround and short tern rental options – you could try before you buy

If you’re looking to increase your space, temporary buildings provide a highly versatile option, with pricing structures and rental options to suit every budget. With the whole process managed as a turnkey solution, from seeking the necessary approvals to a fully turnkey solution. You could have the extra space you need quicker than you think at a fraction of the costs.

Expanding your on-site space has never been more simple, cost effective and flexible. It’s often easier to pick up the phone and speak to someone, so if in doubt – please call us on 0808 302 2781.


Free Site Visits for Temporary Buildings

To make sure you get the right building for your requirements, budget and site, we will carry out a no obligation site survey, free of charge. This can be done at any time convenient to you.

How to arrange a temporary building site visit

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