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Time-lapse video showing a 3000 sq ft warehouse being built in less than 96 hours

10th January 2017

For numerous reasons, businesses may want to rapidly increase or replace their warehouse, storage or loading capacity; the time lapse video below shows how a 3000 sq ft storage facility can be constructed from scratch in as little as 24 hours

Fully functioning industrial units

Despite the speed of construction, the facility itself is not simply a quick fix, the example shown is guaranteed for a minimum of lifespan of 10 years, highlighting the technologies durability and potential to serve as a cost effective alternative to permanent structures; nor, does this type of temporary building mean forgoing capabilities such as insulation, heating, chilled storage, flooring, lighting, corporate colouring or seamless attachment to existing structures. In fact the technology has proven so flexible that it has been used to provide a 2000 sq ft gymnasium for the London Broncos professional Rugby League team, several fully functioning fire stations and numerous retail showrooms.

Fast building construction using modern engineering and processes

The unique speed of construction is delivered by anchoring a building to existing hard ground using base plates and anchors, allowing buildings of up to 100 ft wide and unlimited length to be constructed simply by lifting the appropriate frames into place.
With time and money scarce resources for many businesses, the ability to build a flexible industrial unit within four days at a fraction of the cost of a permanent structure demonstrates how modern engineering and processes can deliver extreme efficiency and help businesses expand rapidly or implement property related disaster recovery activities in a timeframe unimaginable only a few years ago.

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