11th February 2018

Brexit countdown stimulates investments in semi-permanent buildings

With many businesses working on contingency plans for the possible outcomes and impacts of Brexit in March 2019, temporary buildings provide a great option.

Businesses running out of space expand with virtually zero risk with a temporary building

Committing to a major investment right now is a brave move for business owners. Especially if it’s in a new building or an extension of a building to increase workplace capacity or warehousing. But with many companies enjoying the Sterling Exchange Rates and the resulting UK exports, it puts business leaders in a difficult position, because Brexit presents a lot of unknowns, unpredictables and uncertainty.

Expanding space through a temporary building makes more sense

A temporary building brings many benefits, quick predictable installation, fixed cost build, little or no disruption to the working environment. Plus it’s about 25% of the price of an equivalent conventional building. If you rent, the costs are even more compelling. What’s more the running costs are equally attractive with the temporary building potentially being rates exempt.

If you are busting at the seams but lack confidence to expand or move

Any company with substantial exposure to Brexit, whether through a dependency on imports or exports – or identifying your client base is dependent on imports or exports – means a reluctance to commit to a big financial investment. However, the lack of flexibility could also result in the loss of business, as opportunities present themselves and a lack of space limits the potential for growth.

Temporary buildings on hire provide contingency to deal with a range of outcomes

With a range of flexible rental options, a 5 week installation turnaround, it’s no wonder temporary buildings are becoming the Brexit busting way to increase space for business.
If you need more space and want to find out how a temporary building could provide you with a semi-permanent expansion option, then please call us on 0808 302 2781.

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