With a portfolio encompassing some of the UK’s best loved and iconic soft drink brands, Britvic’s Head Office in Hemel Hempstead is the centre point to many offices and factories across the world where the brands are manufactured then distributed.
A good number of factories are still in the UK, producing house-hold brands such as Robinsons, Pepsi Max, R Whites and the old skool classic, Shandy Bass. One of Britvic’s manufacturing plants is based in Leeds where the site was undergoing significant investment with new production lines being installed, meaning the displacing of their existing material storage areas and site expansion. Operations Lead, Dave Stratford, knew that internally there was no more room for materials, so needed to think outside the box- and the factory.

Dave wasn’t immediately aware of the concept of Aganto’s temporary building structures, but soon became impressed by the flexibility, cost and speed, explaining:

“The initial discussions we had internally described these storage solutions as ‘tents.’ It’s fair to say the word ‘tents’ is not an accurate description. The high quality of the units, coupled with the fantastic approach and hygienic standards that they were installed within, offer us an alternative solution for material storage without compromising the quality of our products, nor impacting our day-to-day running.”

Sales manager Ian Mackenzie worked closely with Dave and his team, resulting in Britvic choosing a bespoke solution for their existing site- meaning less disruption and less cost, but instant storage space- and a lot of it. Britvic’s expansion plans were so advanced they decided on three Aganto temporary buildings, adaptable for their needs and site size with a 10m x 20m x 4m non insulated warehouse for pallet storage, and a 12m x 30m x 4.2m insulated L-shaped structure with a 7.5m x 25m 4.2m pre-loading storage area for the end product.


Dave adds:

“We now have high quality buildings that allow us to store packaging materials in there to ensure we maintain business as usual on our other production lines. The quality of the materials isn’t in doubt due the excellent insulation offered by the units.

Aganto have transformed the dead space of our yard into essential operational space.”

Aganto is a close-knit team, and thrilled that the excellent, crucial communication between sales, operations and then installation teams, resulted in an all over, one stop shop, full (customer) service provision in Britvic’s temporary building:

“I can’t recommend Aganto enough, from the pre-site visits and quotations through to the smooth handover of the units themselves, it would be a pleasure to offer further work to Aganto should the opportunity arise in the future.”

Which is exactly what has happened, with Ian preparing additional quotes for new storage units as we speak! Well done Team Aganto-pat on the back to all involved and thank you kindly to Dave and Britvic. Repeat orders really show us the satisfaction of the customer, not only for the product, but for all facets of the team at Aganto.

Ruth Oxley, Aganto marketing manager, roxley@aganto.co.uk

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