What are the top issues you need to consider when developing a business continuity and disaster recovery plan? Why do so many organisations include temporary buildings within their planning scope?

What’s your continuity plan for a significant workplace disruption?

Have you ever ‘war-gamed’ your ability to recover from a disaster or unexpected event and how you would resume operations? With severe weather conditions becoming more regular, wind damage or flood are increasingly impacting businesses. Fire can be devastating to any business and render your building inhabitable. This is where the preparation of having a temporary building solution planned and a rapid deployment agreement can help.

Can you rely on your insurance to react in the timescales you need?

You may very well have business continuity insurance, but retaining your customer-base means getting back up and running in the shortest possible timeframes. Waiting for an assessor, decisions to be made and relevant suppliers sourced are all things you can pre-empt. The key to successful disaster recovery is to plan for any possibility (an emergency plan, disaster recovery plan and continuity plan) well before disaster ever strikes.

Aganto are experts in rapid deployment following building disasters

Understanding the key issues to get you up and running are what we do best. Imagine all of the factors you will be dealing with if you were to have significant disruption to your building resulting in it not being in a useable state. Then imagine on top of this sourcing new suppliers to provide a temporary building solution. All at a time when you are likely to have multiple additional demands on your time.

Helping you prepare a rapid deployment temporary building solution – just in case!

Hopefully you’ll never need to execute the plan. But being prepared with a fully scoped and specified emergency temporary building, and rapid deployment package – could be the difference between staying in business or not – should disaster strike. Built into your business continuity and disaster recovery plan – it will also demonstrate to current and prospective customers you are seriously prepared..

There are a variety of solutions you can have – and the first step is FREE

Aganto are experienced in working with businesses who have experienced business threatening disasters without planning and those who have extensive redundancy plans. We can share with you what matters most, advise on the key issues you’ll be faced with and how we can help.
It starts with a no-obligation consultation, so please call us on 0808 302 2781.

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