Buying a used temporary building

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Temporary building suppliers will often offer second hand buildings for sale at a reduced rate. And, when they come available they are usually snapped up quickly. How, when and why would you choose and benefit from buying a used temporary building instead of new?

A temporary building has been an easy, creative and flexible way to increase operational space for many years. It is capable of providing more capacity for use as a warehouse, workshop, retail outlet, or even a fire station amongst many applications. One advantage of this type of building is that it can be on site and operational in a short time particularly when compared with a traditional building. New temporary buildings are available to buy or hire, but there is another option and that it to purchase or rent a used or second hand unit.

What is a used temporary building?

A temporary building is demountable, so it can be dismantled when no longer needed, which means there is a regular availability of second hand stock. The main component of a building is its aluminium frame which doesn’t corrode or weaken over time and retains its performance for many years. The walls, roofing and doors will also be supplied second hand but will be in good condition to provide good service. Effectively there won’t be any negative implications in terms of quality, durability or strength in buying or hiring a used building as opposed to a new structure.

Benefits of buying second hand or used

The most obvious benefit is one of cost. The price of a used building is significantly less than buying new, which means saving on capital expenditure, particularly important if money is tight. The second benefit can be crucial in some situations and that is that the building can be supplied from stock and be installed quickly. This is particularly important if the building is required in an emergency perhaps after a fire or flood, or to add more operational space to fulfill an unexpected order. To save even more time, you could collect and install the building yourself, as some of our customers have done. This way delivery and installation is entirely within your own control and saving on cost.

What’s not included

A used building is a practical solution to a space problem so if an aesthetically pleasing structure is required then this is not the ideal solution. This is obviously the case if the building is going to be used by, or visible to, the general public and where a company may want to present a more branded image. Although the price of the used building is cheaper than buying new, the costs of transportation and installation will obviously still apply – unless you do it yourself.

How to get a building

At Aganto we have a regular supply of used buildings, some on special offer shown on our second hand buildings page. All of the buildings were part of the hire stock and have been returned as no longer needed. The structures are always in excellent condition and we can deliver and install on site – or you can collect it yourself. If you don’t want to purchase the building there is also the option to hire, particularly useful for a shorter term requirement.

If you would like more information on any of our used or new temporary buildings, please contact us.

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