Unforeseen growth is good news, but you often need extra space to capitalise on it. With a dwindling supply of quality commercial space available in many areas, how do you go about increasing storage or operational space quickly and economically?Seasonal surges, new contracts or won tenders can all lead to a need for more space quickly, due to higher than anticipated demand. It’s a nice problem to have but failure to find additional capacity could lead to a failure to capitalise on the growth. Or, not fulfill customer expectations.

Sometimes it’s possible to juggle what you have to find the additional storage or operational space but often you need to find more, either on or off site.

Looking off site can be problematic at the moment because of a lack of quality industrial space in many parts of the country. Choosing this option may mean you have to wait or compromise on quality or location. In fact, this option is only really becoming viable if you are able to plan. If you need space quickly you may need to think of something else.

Fast prefabricated buildings

Prefabricated buildings can offer additional space on-site, but there are so many different types of prefab structures now available, which ones are going to give you right space quickly?

Some types of prefabricated building can be built directly onto existing ground and it’s this construction method that can reduce the lead time by months. In fact, if the building you need is in stock it can literally be with you on site in days from signing the order.

What it comes down to is the type of frame used. Steel prefab buildings generally need to be built on to pre-prepared foundations and it’s this that causes the delay (and extra cost).

Aluminium framed prefabricated buildings can be built onto existing hard ground because they are much lighter and don’t need the same kind of load bearing as their heavier cousin, steel.

Flexible prefabricated buildings

Businesses that find their situation has changed over-night for the better and need fast additional space to capitalise on their new found success are therefore turning to aluminium framed prefabricated buildings.

And, the beauty of them is they can be just as easily dismantled and returned to the supplier if the situation changes and the space isn’t needed anymore. Hire contracts are therefore pretty standard with these structures.

For an economy that is still fragile and unpredictable the ability to react quickly to new opportunities is essential and aluminium prefabricated buildings are now allowing businesses to do this; all with minimal delay, cost and risk.

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